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As a full time multi-tasker, eating well and drinking properly has never been high on my agenda. Preferring the ‘abuse my body to the point it needs fixing’ method, I’m frequently slave to the vitamins, supplements, detox and health drinks to get me back into shape. I’ve tried many different juice cleansing systems, but Fruveju is the newest one to land in the UK from founder Vanessa Valdez. She says: “Although most things in life involve tradeoffs, not so with raw, whole-food nutrition. It promotes optimum health and physical beauty.” Fruveju juices were born out of her love for raw food and great nutrition, with Vanessa believing that many juice brands claiming to be healthy actually sell products that are loaded with sugar and preservative-crazed substitutes. Working with a team of nutrition experts, Vanessa established Fruveju as a way of teaching people what she’s learned about detoxifying cleanses and how to incorporate them in a realistic, enjoyable way: whether it’s daily doses of vegetable juice or a week-long cleanse. “The aim is to allow your body to heal and detoxify by using the energy that is normally used in digestion,” she explains. “You are still supplying your body with the required nutrients but in an easily absorbed form.”

Fruveju currently offers five different cleansing juices, including Spicy Lemonade (a natural lemon drink with a peppery kick,) Red Pineapple (a rich and complex juice with a hit of carrot and ginger,) Pure Greens (a green concoction that looks disgusting but actually takes great thanks to the lemon and cucumber,) Watermelon Lime (what it says on the tin,) and Cashew Milk (a rich nutty milk drink that can also be used as a milk alternative.) Each juice has a specific purpose, and combined these five juices make the perfect juice cleansing system. Lemon is great at removing bacteria and helping with digestion, spinach and celery are great at detoxing, cashew nuts are a fab source of natural fats and beets help to cleanse the colon. While consumed in conjunction with one another, these juices will provide a much more effective cleansing programme than many others I’ve tried, as every ingredient has a specific objective and aids the body’s natural detox process.

You can choose from a one, three or five day cleanse, or simply order the individual juices in multiples of six to integrate into your normal routine. Although these aren’t cheap (individual juices range form £9.00 to £12.00 for a 500ml bottle,) you can keep them in the fridge and sip them throughout the day to replace all those fizzy drinks and coffee. All five juices are really tasty and would work with pretty much any tastebuds, but because of their watery consistency I don’t think they’d be enough to keep you feeling full without a top-up of fruit throughout the day. What I did love though, was the helpful cool bag they were delivered in and the information leaflets included to explain the exact purpose of each of the juices and their ingredients; learning about great nutrition has never been so tasty.

So why choose Fruveju over other cleansing systems? The price point is a lot cheaper (nearly 50% less) than many of the more established brands (£70 for a day, £200 for three days and £330 for five days) while the ingredients are a lot more ‘thought through’ to manage specific issues. Many juice cleanses just include blended fruit to keep you feeling full while your body has a chance to re-balance, whereas Fruveju contains 100% organic ingredients that are specifically combined to re-align from within. I found this a lot less intense than some of the other systems, because you can integrate it into a healthy eating programme to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to keep your body and skin looking great. The juices were also a lot more pleasurable to consume, which is always the first hurdle! I’m a bit of a Fruveju convert and will definitely be ordering some of these to get me through a depressing January and post-indulgent Christmas season.

Find out more about Fruveju on their website:
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  1. Linderella
    October 19, 2013 / 12:42 pm

    Ooh I've been meaning to do a juice detox for a while now. I might have a look on the website to compare it with some other ones. This sounds good

  2. Bex
    October 20, 2013 / 7:44 pm

    Thanks for a great post! These look amazing! I looove organic superfoods and smoothies and think the concept is great. BUT- I think I'm missing something, I don't understand why 3-days worth is £200? What else is in them? Surely otherwise would just be cheaper to make/buy these fresh from an organic juice bar like crushh? Am I missing something? Thanks! Bex

    • Hayley Carr
      October 21, 2013 / 8:12 am

      If you think about it logically and break it down… You get 6 juices a day, so three days worth = 18 500ml juices. Even if you got a juice in Crushh and worked out the equivalent £4ish for 250ml, you're looking at £144 just from there for the same amount. However, these are made with organic ingredients and delivered to your door. Hope that makes sense!

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