A New Wonder Product? Stila CC Cream

Every once in a while I encounter a real ‘wow’ product: one that I legitimately look forward to trying out every day, intrigued from positive first impressions. It has reached the stage that I dread the day that this runs out, because I’ve developed a serious emotional attachment to Stila’s CC Cream. A recent release, it’s soon to be sold in the paradise island that is the Beauty section of M&S and then adorned on the faces of many. At first application the formula comes out a pale minty green colour, quickly changing to a recogniseable skin tone shade upon blending. The consistency is pretty darn light; I would compare it with the likes of tinted moisturisers or sheer foundations, notably Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.  Incorporated with a light scent, it isn’t overwhelming or artificial in the sense that you become scared to apply it to your face in fear that you may have a huge, uncontrollable and unattractive breakout.

Once applied to my face, I quickly blend the formula in with my
fingers, which I find gives the most natural finish and helps ease the
products into every necessary crevice. As it’s quite buildable, I tend
to use more product on problematic areas to remove those pesky red
tones. To finish off the look, I use Real Techniques’ Expert Brush to
blend around the edge of my face and along my jaw line, finishing off
with a little bit of powder over my t-zone as a safety measure. With
added SPF 20, this would also work perfectly if you were on holiday and
didn’t want to wear makeup that was too heavy yet still wanted to have a
bit of coverage and some sun protection.

speaking, I’m pretty damn pale and have the complete inability to tan
(ever.) I tend to go for the second-lightest shade from high street
brands, and that is what I’ve done here; fortunately Stila’s latest
installment is available in six shades, ranging from Fair to Tan, so
there’s a shade for most Caucasian skin tones. There is one notable
aspect that I’ve somehow managed to avoid so far, and that is the
unfortunate price point. As a teenager who works for 4 hours a week,
£30.00 for a little tube of product isn’t my cup of tea at all. However,
this won’t stop me adding it to my Christmas and birthday lists for the next five years. I
understand Stila is a high-end brand, and you most definitely get what
you pay for, so if it is within your budget I would definitely give this
ago. Go on, you know you want to!

Written by Thalia Fairweather


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