Stepping into Autumn with Neutrals

We’re all kindly reminded of on a daily basis that Autumn is fast approaching, but I’m not quite ready to don the berry-tinged, gothic-inspired beauty trends. Now I’ve reached sixth form I’ve finally got the freedom to dress how I want and wear the makeup I like, but like anybody working full time or still studying, strong burgundy tones can be too overpowering for daily duties. So how do we step into next season, without overdoing the purple lipstick?

So many of my classic favourite products are all neutral, including Sleek’s Storm Instalment eyeshadow palette, Rose Innocence by Bourjois (my all time favourite lipstick) and a lovely new blush from M&S from Pink Mix. The blush does what it says on the tin, performing well by giving that ‘lightly flushed’ look that’s so hot for the cooler months. (Think long walks in the woods and coming back with rosy cheeks.) Dabbing my blush brush in this lightly before sweeping it over the apples of my cheeks is the standard procedure, taking care as I don’t want to have a blush overload (nor do I want to ruin the reindeer pattern on the pan, the ultimate beauty blogger problem.) A quick application of all three products over some lightweight foundation or BB/CC Cream (Stila CC in Light 02 being my favourite) is the perfect equation for the wearable everyday look that enhances your natural beauty, without suffocating your natural complexion too much.
Another fail-safe product for me is No7’s Good Earth palette, which includes three beautiful eyeshadow shades that can help you master the cool bronze eye look. Not even a huge investment, with it working out around £2.00 for each eyeshadow, this collection is well worth a look: Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you have 1 (or 7) of those ‘£3 off No7 makeup’ vouchers lying around somewhere and this would be the perfect thing to spend it on. Application with this trio is pretty simple, yet I do like to mix things up a bit. If I’m up for a matte look I’ll ignore the middle shade and go in with the bottom shade, pairing it with my current weapon of choice – No7’s Eye Contour Brush. The bristles are gloriously soft and the brush an absolute steal at £7.25, allowing you to buy a few back-ups or invest in a few sister brushes too. 

If you’re not into the strong winter lipstick look, then a dash of pink or a nude brown will enhance your natural glow without the need to completely overhaul your makeup bag. The key is to pick a shade that is no two shades lighter or darker than your natural lip tone, ensuring it looks natural while bringing your whole makeup look together. I’m a huge fan of Bourjois’ Sweet Kiss, as they also contain Shea Butter and a hint of gloss to nourish and protect lips in the colder months. Autumn doesn’t have to mean bold colours or difficult-to-wear berry hues; neutral colours and a sweep of bronzed eyeshadow can move you into the next season with ease, without worrying if you’re clashing with your Christmas jumper. What are your favourite products to take you into the next season and beyond? 

Written by Thalia Fairweather


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