Reiss Launches NEW Fragrances: Exclusive to Selfridges

When it comes to fashion brands launching fragrances, they’re normally bland and boring – completely failing to capture the essence of the brand or to target the women that actually shop there. Reiss have bucked the trend with the launch of their new fragrances Grey Flower and Black Oudh, calling upon the expertise of award winning perfumer Azzi Glasser to create something truly unique. Two years in the making, Azzi has captured something completely new whilst being totally wearable. Grey Flower is not your traditional woman’s fragrance; she could have developed something predictable using sickly sweet notes or floral components, but instead she chose to create one of the most intruguing perfumes I’ve had the pleasure of wearing in years. With notes of Pimento Berry, Patchouli, Frankincense, Amber and Sequoia Wood, ‘Grey Flower’ is woody and exotic without being too overpowering. I like to keep my fragrance wardrobe expansive, so often struggle to add something new to my collection; with this new fragrance there’s simply nothing to compare it to or replace it with.

The bottles themselves are fabulous works of art, keeping the focus well and truly on the Reiss fragrance rather than any others adorning your dressing table. A simple block gold colour, it’s great to see the brand undertaking the motto ‘go bold or go home.’ Although Grey Flower has been designed as a woman’s fragrance (Black Oudh is the male equivalent,) the base notes make this truly a unisex scent that transcends generations or styles; there’s nobody that this wouldn’t sit well with, regardless of whether it’s your personal taste. With this much expertise and love poured into creating such a stand-out scent, you’d expect it to cost you a small fortune… But fear not, as a 100ml bottle will only cost you £49.00. A true bargain if you’re a perfume enthusiast, a scent lover or simply want to start exploring deeper and more unique fragrances. Launching later this month in Reiss stores nationwide, the two scents are currently exclusively available in Selfridges where you can get a free personalised engraving for the next two weeks. Not only does this make a Reiss fragrance a fabulous investment, but a perfect gift for a loved one. Or a payday indulgence.

The two Reiss fragrances (Grey Flower and Black Oudh) are available exclusively in Selfridges priced £49.00 for 100ml, as well as online. Launching nationwide into Reiss stores September 26th.


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