London Fashion Week: Backstage at Swedish School of Textiles

There lies different challenges in creating one universal makeup look to suit multiple designer collections. On day two of London Fashion Week, The Body Shop took on that huge task with The Swedish School of Textiles show at Fashion Scout. The head make-up artist, Lan Nguyen, explained that the inspiration came from a wide awakening, almost like coming from a winter dull. The end product needed to be the right blend of soft and warm, but equally cold without being too deep and heavy. Inevitably the look still needed to be young and fresh, to reflect the new upcoming talent of the showcasing designers, whilst still representing the spring summer season to come. Her hero product was the white kohl eye pencil, which lined the bottom of the eye for a frosted look, whilst the Clementine Amber all-in-one base colour brought the warmth to the skin; it was also used for the eyes and on the cheeks for contouring, ensuring the look was brought together easily. Interestingly, Vitamin E spray was lightly sprtized on the face to refresh the skin – a trick we could definitely all do at home. Again we’re seeing simple slicked back hair: the designers are letting the beauty take centre stage. Oh yeah, and the clothes.

Written by Ashanti Jason @Adorngirl


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