Bond, James Bond: 007 Quantum Fragrance for Men

Regardless of whether they admit it or not, every man wishes he was James Bond. The slick suits, the incredible cars, the women, the action… What’s not to wish for a part of? While there’s only ever one James Bond (at a time,) the men in your life can have a little bit of Bond themselves thanks to the newest addition to the 007 fragrance collection. Launched in celebration of the newest franchise, Quantum is the third installment of the ‘dangerously sophisticated’ James Bond fragrance line. Quantum combines the invigorating scents of Bond’s raw masculinity, (including Juniper Berries, Begamot and Sandalwood) with his cool composure (including leather and Violet Leaf,) to leave the wearer feeling tough but cool at the same time. Although you could anticipate that a film franchise launching a fragrance line could result in a sickening and temporarily on-trend scent, this distinguished fragrance has been years in the making and really evokes many emotions and brings to life associations that you would often only expect from a bespoke perfumer. The scent is complex but wearable, bringing to life Bond’s love for cars and the iconic Aston Martin thanks to the delicate leather notes. The slick bottle design is perfect for gadget lovers too, making the wearer feel a little bit like an action hero after every spritz.

I was lucky enough to spend the day with the team that developed the fragrance and have never met perfumers with such passion and knowledge. It’s clear that they knew they held a huge amount of responsibility when bringing such an iconic and long-standing franchise to life. Everybody has an idea in their head about what James Bond would smell like, so how do you bring that to life universally while remaining true to the brand that’s become so world renown? Every note within the fragrance has a purpose and a link with the Bond films – be it the scent of his car interior, the hint of a Vermouth Martini and even the deep woody scents of Sandalwood that are reminiscent of high action speed chases through the woods of Scandinavia. The fragrance really does tell a story, and that story is Bond. Like the character and the films themselves, this scent is a timeless addition to any collection – regardless of age. Be it a birthday present for your man, a thank you to your brother, a congratulations to your dad or even an early Christmas present for your grandad, 007 Quantum would be gratefully received by all.

The 007 Quantum James Bond fragrance is available now nationwide and online.
30ml RRP £20.00; 50ml RRP £25.00; 75ml RRP £32.00; 125ml RRP £42.00


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