Top Five Celeb Fragrances

I wear perfume everyday and really believe it’s the final flourish to my outfit. It may sound dramatic, but I treat fragrance as an accessory and without it I feel something’s missing. Although fragrances are very personal, I think we’re all after pretty much the same basic qualities – a clean, not too sickly or girly, sophisticated scent… But can celeb fragrances ever fit the bill? When recently complimenting a friend on her subtle fragrance, she admitted she was too embarrassed to declare who had put their name to it; eventually I managed to find out it was Lady Gaga’s debut fragrance! Even though perception of celebrity fragrances may be cheap, tacky and sickly scents, the situation inspired me to track down the top five actually-wearable-celeb-fragrances…

1. Lady Gaga Fame (£31.00 for 50ml)
As previously mentioned, I found this scent to be surprisingly wearable for such an audacious creator. In true Gaga style the incense based scent makes it smoky and sexy, but the fruity-floral fusion of apricot, jasmine, tiger orchid and honey stops the overall smell being too heavy. I love the dark, simplicity of the bottle and how the liquid is black in the container but is clear when sprayed.

2. Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker (£20.99 for 100ml)
It may be one of the founding celebrity fragrances, but I still really enjoy spritizing this scent when I’m after something feminine, clean and understated. The layers of scents, such as lavender and amber with apple and musk, may sound unusual but are surprisingly fresh and make an exotic, glamorous perfume.
3. Kate Moss Lilabelle Truly Adorable (£19.95 for 30ml)
This scent goes totally against your initial expectations. I love Kate Moss’ boho style and was expecting either unusual floral-woody combinations, or something totally sexy and quite heavy for evening. In fact this is very fruity, and blends sweet pea and lily of the valley with almond and ivy. If you’re a fan of pretty, feminine fragrances then this is for you.

4. Christina Aguilera Signature (£19.00 for 30ml)
Tacky bottle aside, this is my favourite of the bunch. The fruity scent is really exotic and I love the unusual blend of mandarin and blackcurrant with peony and vanilla. Although quite intense, this is definitely still subtle enough for everyday wear; every time I caught a whiff of myself it transported me back to sunnier climates!
5. Tilda Swinton Like This Etat Libre D’Orange (£74.00 for 50ml)
It may come at a higher price than the others, but this scent is truly unique. The overall fragrance is very strong, but the citrus and pumpkin notes keep it fresh – whilst the ginger, spices and maple syrup give it warmth without becoming sickly. All-in-all a very quirky fragrance perfect for an eccentric wearer.

So there you have five actually quite nice celeb fragrances. The key is to look for subtle, clean scents and avoid any sickly varieties aimed at a younger audience. Be open minded when trying them out – let’s be honest, if you’re after a classic scent celeb scents are never going to compete with Chanel or Guerlain. The great thing about a celebrity name is their scents can often be a real bargain; if you admire a particular celeb’s personal style this is often reflected in their perfume too. Do you have a favourite celebrity scent you couldn’t be without?

Written by Alex Thompson



  1. Sarah morethanadored
    August 22, 2013 / 10:01 am

    I love Lady Gaga Fame! It's so sexy I always wear it for events because it makes me feel soooo good :)Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Rachel Jones
    August 22, 2013 / 10:45 am

    I've been very curious about the Lady Gaga one. I'm headed to town today so I think I'll smell for myself x

  3. Maquillage Magic
    August 22, 2013 / 11:10 am

    never tried any of these but I think I may give the lady GaGa one a go!

  4. Maya Nielsen
    August 22, 2013 / 11:41 am

    Lady Gaga is my favorite! Just love it!

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