Sleek and Healthy Hair: Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer

I remember when the sole purpose of a hairdryer was to literally dry your hair. There were no fancy buttons or different nozzle fittings, just a simple hairdryer that probably took an hour to dry your barnet thoroughly. Now a hairdryer costs as much as a designer handbag and claims to do everything apart from clean your bathroom; the new Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer is no different. Focusing on the health of your hair and scalp, this new gadget uses nanoe technology to help retain 1000 times more moisture than the average hairdryer. Although we want a hairdryer to dry our hair thoroughly, the inevitable result of the process is the loss of moisture and goodness that we’d really rather keep – that’s where Panasonic step in to help combat the damage caused by styling, colouring and sun exposure. The healthy look of our hair is dependent on the health of our scalp: where it starts its journey and where it’s determined what the hair will look and feel like when it pops out of the top. Right now, this is the only electrical product I know of that is directly addressing the issue of scalp health.

They say: ‘The Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer works by locking in moisture to
the negatively charged ions that it omits when switched on, which in
turn are dispersed on to the scalp and hair, hydrating each shaft from
the inside out. The fact that this hairdryer locks in 1,000 more times
moisture means that the scalp will be healthier, and the hair glossier
and shinier.’ The product itself looks rather swish and shiny, featuring
an unusually shaped nozzle to focus the heat in one place, as well as a
second vent which (I can only assume) omits the nanoes. It’s
lightweight, easy to use and drys hair quickly without a problem; it
features three speeds and three heat settings, making it easy to
customise the dryer to your needs or hair concerns. (A quick tip: you
should always use the lowest heat you can get away with, rather than
feeling like you need to wack it straight up to maximum. Unless you have
very thick, coarse or curly hair you shouldn’t need it on the top

In comparison to my usual GHD hairdryer, this was a lot more delicate on the hair and not as hot, but still managed to dry my hair in record time; up until this point I always thought that GHD owned the claim to fastest blowdry, but Panasonic have now beaten them with this pretty red number. I felt an instant result the first day I used this, noticing that my hair looked sleeker and felt smoother than usual. As I’ve continued to use this the results are subtle, but my hair is definitely shinier and easy to style. However, the only downside is the lack of fight in the product against humidity; because the focus is on retaining moisture in the hair and scalp, the hairdryer doesn’t expel all of the moisture that can become a problem if it suddenly starts to rain or become humid. My hair has experienced a lot of poofyness simply because the heat and moisture expulsion isn’t as strong as my previous GHD dryer. 

Costing £99.99 this isn’t cheap (and is actually the same price as a GHD dryer,) but it does offer long-term benefits that may be worth the investment. I haven’t been using this long enough to notice any real difference to my scalp (which is pretty healthy anyway,) but if you have scalp concerns or really struggle with the health of your hair due to prolonged heat exposure, this could be a product for you. The price point bothers me a little, as I’d like to see this maybe around the £59.99 mark, so here’s hoping it drops down before Christmas so we can all ask Santa for a healthy head of hair. Are you concerned about your scalp health?

The Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer is available in Boots priced £99.99.



  1. Amy
    August 16, 2013 / 12:25 pm

    I'm always worried about damaging my hair with the hairdryer, to the point that I skip it whenever I can and let my hair air dry. This sounds like it might be a better option for me 🙂 – not to mention I'm due for a hairdryer upgrade!

  2. Emily Joy
    February 6, 2014 / 8:06 am

    I was given this at Christmas and now drying hair is no effort at all!

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