Skin Doctors: Hair No More hair growth inhibitor spray

For me hair removal is not only tedious, but also quite irritating, with razor bumps, shaving rash and ingrown hairs being a weekly battle. When I came across Skin Doctors Hair No More hair growth inhibitor spray I thought I’d found the perfect answer, as the spray aims to minimise regrowth and make the hair thinner and lighter. But can a product containing largely natural extracts really help to slow hair growth? I must admit I was pretty sceptical.

The Hair No More spray is designed to be used after hair removal – depilatory cream is recommended (Skin Doctors also sell a two-step Hair No More set with cream included) but waxing and shaving are also perfectly fine. The clear liquid solution should be sprayed generously, from the 120ml clear plastic bottle, onto the area and massaged in until completely absorbed. Skin Doctors claim that the spray will cause no irritation to sensitive skin and can therefore be used anywhere on the body (except in the ears or nose, or on the genital areas.) The supposed slowing, and eventual prevention, of hair regrowth is caused by the solution flooding the hair follicle and saturating the hair bulb, which starves the hair at the root and prevents germination; aided by ingredients such as Urea (which slows hair metabolism) and Salicylic Acid (which assists in dissolving hair keratin) this seemed promising. The other active ingredients in Hair No More include Witch Hazel, Arnica, Hypericum (St Johns Wort) and Menthol, mainly aiming to soothe and heal the skin after hair removal.

I had high hopes for this product, not only in allowing me to shave less frequently and minimising the appearance of hair regrowth, but also in soothing the skin after hair removal; however I was unfortunately left feeling underwhelmed on both counts. When applying this product after shaving I often felt a slight stinging, even though I couldn’t find any visible open skin or shaving cuts; the inclusion of Menthol in a product meant to be used immediately on areas that have just undergone a hair removal process, seems a bit baffling (although it does give a fresh scent). The stinging sensation didn’t give me the impression that my skin was being soothed in any way and, despite the inclusion of exfoliating Salicylic Acid and calming Arnica in the solution, there was no reduction in bumps or ingrown hairs. I could, however, have lived with the stinging if I’d managed to garner that the product was having any real effect on the rate of my body hair regrowth, but unluckily I was left reaching for the razor just as often as I had been before. Although I’m fair, my hair tends to be quite dark and thick so I wasn’t expecting immediate results with this product; the efficacy is meant to increase with the amount of times its applied – starting at 4-5 times per week then dropping to 1-2 as hair starts to thin. However, after two months of frequent use my hair is just as thick as before and not lighter or sparser as promised.

As this hair growth inhibitor spray works by flooding the hair follicle and bulb, I would imagine that waxing before use would give better results than shaving – as the solution would be able to penetrate the empty follicle after the hair root has been removed. Similarly, the growth of thinner and lighter hair might be more easily effected to give a better and faster outcome than I experienced. As a relatively low priced product, especially when compared to IPL or laser hair removal treatments which also aim to reduce hair regrowth, the Skin Doctors Hair No More spray may be worth trying for yourself as everyone’s results will be different: but for me this product currently sits in the cupboard of ‘tried but unloved.’

Skin Doctors Hair No More spray is available for £9.99 from Boots.

Written by Kirsty Paterson



  1. beautyqueenuk
    August 12, 2013 / 10:29 am

    Oh sounds a bit of a let down xBeautyqueenuk

  2. Ashleigh Scott
    August 12, 2013 / 10:31 am

    I would be interested to try the new inhibitif product in boots, slightly more expensive but still too new for there to be many reviews on it yet. It would be amazing if these products actually had a good effect!!

  3. Laura Gois
    August 12, 2013 / 11:05 am

    Ah I got excited when I read the title of this post, but as my hair is quite dark and thick too I guess it probably won't have much of an effect!

  4. Beau Visage
    August 12, 2013 / 12:03 pm

    It's a shame that it didn't work for you. After reading your into and scepticism I thought you were going to be delightfully disproved. It could help others though and at only £9.99 you're not left too much out of pocket if it doesn't work. Great post.

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