Poolside Perfect: Picking the Best Water Resistant Makeup

Whether you’re spending your holiday by the poolside or just heading to the seaside, heat and splashes can play havoc with your makeup. Panda eyes and smeared cheeks needn’t be a worry when you’ve got the perfect water resistant products in your arsenal to keep your make up in place, even after a cooling dip. Here’s my rundown of favourite products with underwater staying power.

For a base begin with a lightweight BB Cream including or on top of a high SPF, set with a mineral powder to prevent shine and absorb any sweat or oil. I would recommend I’m Covering You BB Cream (£12.70) from Touch In Sol for medium coverage, and Kiehl’s Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream (£23.50) for sheer coverage, both containing SPF50 and multifunctional skincare benefits. Many mineral powders tend to have water resistant properties even though they’re not detailed on the label, so you may already have a suitable setting product in your collection to keep your base in place. You can test the water resistance of a loose powder by dropping a small teaspoonful into a glass of water – if it forms a layer on top of the water it’s water resistant, but if it sinks to the bottom of the glass it isn’t.

I always feel naked without my eyebrows filled in, however little make up I’m wearing, and my product of choice for long-lasting sweat and water resistant brows, is the ILAH Semi Permanent Brow Travel Kit (£29.99). As well as containing 4 shades of powder and a handy wax, the shadows can also be pressed along the lashline with an angled brush for a similarly long lasting liner. For a hassle free way to fill in eyebrows when you’re eager to get out in the sun, press a clean mascara wand lightly into the powder, tap off the excess and brush through brows for a full but natural look.  Finish the look with a clear setting gel to keep them in place, using a product such as the No7 Lash & Brow Perfector (£8.50) which is the perfect holiday makeup bag size. I’m a big fan of the waterproof mascaras from Maybelline, such as the Volum Express Colossal (£7.19), but the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius (£7.50) is such a useful product for humid or wet conditions as it works as a clear coat on top of your favourite mascara to make it completely waterproof.

A summer face isn’t quite complete without a light splash of colour, and for an easy-to-apply water resistant wash on cheeks and lips you can’t go wrong with a Becca Beach Tint Crème Stain (£20.00) – and not just for their yummy fruity tastes. Red-pink Watermelon looks great on paler complexions while orange-coral Grapefruit is perfect with a tan. For a bolder liquid flush try a stain from Benefit; available in mango, rose and poppy coloured shades, their infamous Benetint and Posietint are also available in a holiday-friendly Pocket Pal (£15.50) – which includes a stain at one end of the wand and lipgloss at the other. A sunscreen-containing lip balm, such as the water resistant Nivea Sun Protect with SPF30 (£3.29) on top of your tint or stain will also help defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays, while ensuring your pout is looking perky instead of dried out.

Finally, a few spritzes of a setting spray such as Urban Decay All Nighter (£19.50) will add a further hit of staying power to your pool or beach look, ensuring you’re ready to step out onto the water-side with confidence with that your make up won’t run or smear all day.

What are your top tips for poolside holiday makeup?

Written by Kirsty Paterson



  1. Emily Knott
    August 19, 2013 / 10:39 am

    Really want to try some urban decay setting spray! I hear nothing but god things!BritishBeautyAddict

  2. Maquillage Magic
    August 19, 2013 / 10:48 am

    That no7 lash and brow perfector looks so good, been looking for a brow gel for ages!!maquillagemagic.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Andrew James
    August 19, 2013 / 2:33 pm

    I have wanted the UD Sprays for so long now! i actually really want to try that or the Skindanavia ones as they make bothwww.andrewjamesblog.com

  4. Anonymous
    August 20, 2013 / 8:03 pm

    Thanks for posting this, I am adding the waterproof mascara to my wishlist come payday. Thanks, Becca

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