Hair Fragrance: An indulgence too much, or must have?

I’ve been told several times that the key to making a perfume scent stick around, is to apply it to the roots of your hair and massage into the scalp. Apparently the oils that your scalp naturally secretes enhance the scent of your fragrance and make it ‘stick’ to the hair shaft. I often experiment with perfume application and never go for the typical pulse points – I like to apply it behind my ears, the backs of my knees and even on the soles of my feet so the room smells nice when I take my shoes off! I’ve never noticed much of a difference applying fragrances directly to my hair, but was intrigued by how effective hair perfumes could be….

hair fragrance

SHOW Beauty Hair Fragrance (£55.00)
I LOVE this product! The top note of rose water is my go-to scent and it works well with the unusual combination of coconut, caramel and almond undertones. It’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way; I also found it doubled up as a shine spray, as well as noticeably strengthening my hair. I’m normally reluctant to apply products to my roots in case it makes my hair look greasy, but this spray was so light it wasn’t a problem. Throughout the day I was told I smelt great too, so I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Hair and Body Fragrance (£24.00)
This limited edition fragrance isn’t to my normal taste, but it definitely was a grower. The fruity scents of peach, melon and citrus complement the lavender and rosemary background, creating a very summery result. This is marketed as both a body and hair fragrance; as the scent isn’t totally my cup of tea I would never use this on my body, but it was perfectly wearable and subtle in my hair. It’s biggest selling point is the longevity of the scent, plus I’m always seduced by Paul & Joe’s gorgeous packaging.

Herra Protect (£24.99)
This is a great multi-purpose product. I have very thick, long hair which has a mind of its own and often drys out, so I loved how this lightweight spray kept it hydrated. The scent is Herrera’s signature fragrance with a host of ingredients, but vanilla and sandalwood were the most obvious to me – although I could also detect hints of musk (which I’m not a fan of!) The scent lasted well enough, but in future I’ll be using this for its hydrating properties not its fragrance.

Balmain Silk Hair Perfume (£34.00)
I was immediately impressed by the amount of product you get for your money (150ml) as well as the glamorous bottle. The jojoba seed and argan oils provided a very sophisticated scent; however, although they’re great for conditioning, they do have a tendency to make hair look greasy. I found a couple of sprays to damp hair and then gently blow-drying brought out the scent without making my hair look greasy.

All in all, I think there is definitely some truth to perfumes lasting longer when applied to hair. I like the subtlety of the scent result from hair fragrances, as well as the difference in application. Of the four products above, I’ll only be using the fragrances that double up as something else – I want a protectant, shine spray, hydrator AND perfume thank you!

Written by Alex Thompson



  1. Lauren Megan
    August 10, 2013 / 11:43 am

    Th first one sound so nice, I love rose and the fact that its a hair fragrance is so nice! :)

  2. Meagan H
    August 11, 2013 / 7:37 pm

    It probably wouldn't kill me if I went without them, but I'm a total sucker for anything that smells good. I think they're a must have!So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Check mine out as well when you get a chance :)

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