Fabulous Hair with the HotHair Swirled Bun

Bad hair days are more common that good hair days for me right now, so I’ve been discovering how I can use the magic of kirby grips to transform my hair from drab to fab. I’d had this cute bun attachment from HotHair for a while but hadn’t gotten around to using it, until a rather boring Sunday afternoon when I couldn’t be bothered to straighten my hair. Not only is it super easy to use, but it really can revolutionise your hair routine in a few easy steps. The swirled bun is available in eleven different colours (from bright blonde right through to chocolate brown,) and contains a little comb to help attach it to your hair. It’s so easy to use: you simply tie your own hair into a rough top-knot with a band, pop the bun over the top using the comb to attach it, place the loose ends where you want them and wack in a load of kirby grips to hold it all in place. The bun itself isn’t heavy or uncomfortable, blending into your natural hair extremely well to leave this a hair-styling secret. I love the flexibility of the hair and the fact that it can be styled in lots of different ways (my current favourite is a side ballerina bun) in only a few minutes.

Once you get to grips with the style and hair of the bun it’s the
simplest and most glamorous way to add some volume and style to an
otherwise dull barnet. So many of these ‘bun enhancers’ are available right now, but most of them look tacky and are extremely hard to style (as well as looking faker than a tan on TOWIE.) HotHair offer quality hair that looks and feels great, so you can style, re-style, wash and style again. You can even tong the hair within the bun for a messier look, as well as using the free ends to style something unique when you have the time. I’ve used this so many times already, applying half a can of hairspray to ensure it stays where I want it to, yet it still looks as good as new. When brushing you don’t really lose any strands, nor does it pull your own hair out when you remove it at the end of the day. Although these are £25.00, in my opinion it’s worth every penny. I literally couldn’t be without this secret weapon anymore.

The Swirled Bun is available to buy online or in Selfridges for £25.00.


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