Clean & Clear For Grown-Ups: Advantage Clear & Soothe

When I was a teenager I was lucky enough not to suffer from acne. I still had my little blue bottle of Clean & Clear to wash away the daily dirt and grime, but other than the occasional pimple my skin didn’t cause me much jip. Skip forward nearly twenty years and it’s another story. As soon as I hit 30 my skin decided to have a tantrum; for the last nine months I’ve been suffering from the most aggressive breakouts I’ve ever experienced, battling with horrendous red lumps and numerous ugly whiteheads popping up all over the shop. Nothing I did seemed to make a difference, even though I knew alcohol and lack of sleep didn’t exactly help the situation. All of that has changed though since I started testing Clean & Clear’s new Advantage Clear & Soothe range, which is both oil free and includes soothing Aloe Vera to be ‘tough on spots, but gentle on skin.’

The Advantage range is a little bit like Clean & Clear for grown-ups. With delicate oil-free formulas and a very subtle fragrance, they don’t feel like you’re using a traditionally ‘teen’ brand at all. The foaming wash is incredibly light and delicately lifts dirt from the surface of skin to leave it feeling smooth and fresh; there’s no stinging or tightness after use and it’s made a great addition to my morning shower routine. The daily scrub is also very pleasant, providing a subtle scrub that’s light enough to use daily without removing too much of the skin’s surface. When used in conjunction with each other I really feel they provide a thorough cleanse, leaving my complexion clear and spot-free. Having used these daily for over a month, I’ve only had one tiny pimple pop up during my period (which in itself is a small miracle.) I didn’t expect these to really make a difference to my skin, but I’m pleasantly suprised and will continue to use these in order to keep my face spot-free. What’s even better is that the formulas are so light and airy that you need the smallest amount – a month in and I’ve not even used half. Put simply, it’s win-win.

Find out more about the range on their website. Foaming Wash and Daily Scrub both RRP £4.99



  1. Clem C
    August 27, 2013 / 11:14 pm

    Hi :)I bought the foaming wash today as i was looking for something that will help these bad breakouts i am having. It felt really nice when i put it on to my face. Hopefully this product will work for me.Clem xo

  2. Sophie Hawker
    August 28, 2013 / 6:56 am

    These sound like great products 🙂 May have to have a goSophie

  3. Ivy Vijay
    August 28, 2013 / 9:32 am

    Clean and clear has always been my go-to-products in times of crisis and it has always delivered. Haven't used this range but their other advantage kit does full justice. I really like this new packaging.

  4. Ivy Vijay
    August 28, 2013 / 11:58 am

    Jurlique, that is definitely one of my top 5 skincare brands. Have used quite a lot of their products but not this mask. Their mists are particularly very

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