NEW: L’Oreal Professionnel, Liss Unlimited Smoothing Treatment

Hair plus heat equals frizz on a massive scale. My hair probably frizzes more than most, mainly because it’s extremely dry and coarse, so has a lot of room to absorb moisture from the air. Many brands have tried their luck at creating frizz control products, but in my experience the effects don’t last long and hair regains its frizzy features within a few hours. L’Oreal have just launched their very own smoothing treatment which claims to provide up to 4 days worth of frizz fighting capability, even when faced with up to 80% humidity (so that’s tropical rainforest type climates!) The climate-proof hair care range is enriched with Pro-Keratin (to help repair the hair’s internal structure, making it feel stronger and more resilient,) Kukui Nut (to defend dry, rebellious hair from the threat of humidity,) and Evening Primrose (to smooth, nourish and help banish seasonal woes.)

Within the range is a shampoo, masque and Smoothing Double Serum which adds the finishing touches to the protective trio. The two different phases of the serum melt at the last moment to protect their active ingredients and maximize the results on the hair. The products are all very simple to use, but when applied at your local L’Oreal Professionnel salon you’ll experience the added benefit of their new and exclusive Steampod iron. The smoothing and straightening iron delivers a continuous stream of high pressure steam which provides a long-lasting, sublimely smooth, high gloss finish on the hair. By using steam, rather than traditional high temperatures from something like a pair of GHDs, the Steampod provides a gentler, hydrating heat action whilst preventing heat shock to the hair; it effectively seals in the moisture and leaves hair looking exceptionally shiny. The finished result is incredibly smooth hair that feels like silk, yet still has the movement and freedom of unfinished hair.

I normally have to wash my hair nearly every day because it becomes unruly, especially after a sweaty night’s sleep when I wake up looking like Worzel Gummidge. After this treatment my hair looked and felt better than it had done in a long time, keeping its cool all day and all night long. I didn’t need to even style it for the following two days (a miracle!) because it kept its smooth finish and styled result. Although the product range claims to last four four days, I did find that as soon as I washed my hair the results were lost somewhat – although my hair wasn’t quite as frizzy, it did lose the sleekness that I benefited from following the Steampod. Regardless, this is the only treatment I’ve ever tried that actually keeps hair frizz free for longer than 24hrs; as someone that has probably spent the equivalent of a small car searching for products that work, this is definitely something I would go back to. It’s perfect if you’ve got a big occasion to attend, for those first few days on holiday, or even just for combating the sweaty tubes of London Town. L’Oreal did good.

Liss Unlimited shampoo RRP £9.85, masque RRP £13.25 and serum RRP £13.25
Available exclusively from salons nationwide.


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    July 19, 2013 / 2:56 pm

    This sounds amazing! xxBeautyqueenuk

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