LBQ Brand Focus #8: Amie Skincare

If you open a magazine, turn on the telly or walk past a department store, no doubt you’ll be greeted with a range of anti-ageing products that claim to give you back your youth. But what about the young girls that are actually still in their youth? There’s a complete lack of understanding and awareness amongst consumers that skin requires different things as it ages, as well as the larger companies channeling their innovation and marketing budget into helping the more affluent (and older) consumer. As a young girl I was basically stuck with Clean & Clear, so it’s extremely refreshing to see Amie Skincare developing products with that youthful market in mind.

Created by beauty expert and ex-Estée Lauder executive, Fiona Parkhouse, Amie was originally conceived as the ideal skincare solution for her own daughter. Her daughter Samantha had been experiencing the oiliness and breakouts that we all do, but her skin was extra sensitive and therefore not helped by the abrasive and aggressive products that were on offer. Amie was born to meet that need and has now become a brand that all ages turn to because of the natural ingredients and company ethos – none of the products contain Parabens, Mineral Oils, Sulphates, GM Ingredients or Petrochemicals, as well as the range being dermatalogically tested.

The products are affordable, simplistic and easy to use, as well as the scents being delicate and the textures being ‘unforced.’ Everything about the brand is kept as simple as possible. I’m a fan of their Exfoliating Face Wash, which is super light and effective, as well as their Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser which contains SPF15 and sunflower extract. Even though I’m not a fan of face wipes, their New Bloom wipes contain lots of great ingredients to help skin look and feel fresh without stripping the goodness (unlike most other face wipes,) plus the fabric is that little bit stronger so you don’t have to rip your skin off in the process. Although Amie is great for ladies of any age, it’s perfect for those teenage years when you need to be a little bit more careful about your skincare routine. Mission accomplished Amie!

Available online, as well as in John Lewis and Waitrose stores nationwide.



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