Kardashian Beauty launches at feelunique.com

As if a range of jeans, bedding and fragrances wasn’t enough, the Kardashian sisters’ latest project to hit our shores is Kardashian Beauty – available exclusively at feelunique.com. The products I’ve taken for a test drive are a drop in the ocean of this extremely extensive range (including everything from highlighters, lip crayons and LOTS of false eyelashes,) but it was enough to give me an indication of quality and performance. My everyday make-up is very natural so I was unsure if the super glamourous, high wattage glitter look of the Kardashians would be for me…

Kardashian Beauty

24k Prime: Face Priming Mask £17.95
When I first saw the packaging of this, I panicked. Although this was like the glittery gels I favoured aged 13, the glitter is surprisingly subtle and (although still too OTT for me) I imagine it would work well as a highlighter for the cheekbones on a night out. As a priming mask, I noticed it brightened my complexion but did little to secure my foundation in place.

Lip Plumping Shimmer Gloss £11.95
When I first heard about this honey flavoured lipgloss my initial reaction was ‘eeew!’ If you can get past the sickly (and frankly unnecessary) flavouring, this is a great lipgloss to add a subtle sheen and plump the lips without that tingling sensation you often get. Although I found this reasonably hydrating and subtle enough for everyday use, the honey flavouring means I would never pick up this product again.

Double Up Eyeshadow £10.95
I love creamy eye shadows in smokey shades and the colour combinations here are great; my favourite was the Fawn/Shimmer. The two shades on one stick are really handy if you’re on the go and the staying power of the shadows wasn’t bad either. I have to say – I was really impressed with this and I will definetly be re-purchasing!

Airbrush Leg Spray Sunbeam £17.95
The Kardashians are anything but understated so I was anticipating an orange, Barbie leg effect. In reality this leg spray isn’t really a fake tanning product, as the colour it leaves behind is so subtle; it’s more of a very natural way of covering imperfections – I noticed it covered some small scars and veins on my legs very effectively. It wasn’t particularly easy to apply but the formula was non-streaky and any mistakes washed off easily with soap and water. I’m definitely going to be investing in more of this!

Nail Lacquer £8.95
I found the colours here really disappointing; I use my nails as a way of experimenting with trends, so like to see neons and corals as well as more classic shades within a nail range. Although it chipped in just over a day, if you like glossy polishes this is worth a go – plus I love the ‘3 free’ policy, where all the polishes are free from the nasty ingredients that often irritate.

All in all this range was far more subtle and suitable for everyday then I anticipated. The packaging is misleading as makes the products look cheap and OTT, but actually the quality of this range isn’t bad at all – I’ll even be trying some again. In no way will this ever become a classic brand like MAC or even a new but respected range like Shu Umerua, however this is reasonably priced and adapts well from day to night.

Written by Alex Thompson

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