Hair Styling with the Yogi 2-in-1 Curling Wand

My hair is naturally curly, so if I wanted to style it for a big event or party you’d think it would hold a curl well wouldn’t you? Unfortunately that isn’t the case; the only way I’ve managed to get a manufactured curl to stay in place is using GHD hair straighteners. I love the look of the curl GHDs give my hair but, being pretty rubbish at all things hair in general, I can’t seem to achieve these on my own. I’ve spent many an afternoon sat at a friend’s house while she pulls and primps my hair, layering it with enough hairspray to damage the ozone layer in one sitting. You can imagine the frizzy mess my hair ends up in the morning after! When I was introduced to the Yogi Wand I was sceptical to say the least: I wrap small sections of my hair around a wand and it stays curled? So is it really that simple?

I was sent the Yogi 2-in-1 wand to try, which includes the wand
handle, 2 different wand sizes and an ambidextrous heat protective
glove. The wands are really easy to change – they just clip in place and
release via a button when you are done. The handle of the wand is
sturdy with good grip, which is really important for something that
heats to such a high temperature, while the barrels come in large (32mm
tapering to 25mm) and medium (25mm tapering to 18mm) sizes, enabling you
to style your hair either with big, bouncy waves or a tighter, well
defined curl.

The tourmaline and ceramic barrel is
wonderfully smooth, meaning there are no kinks or protruding edges to
catch on your hair whilst styling, while the smooth feel of the wand
also allows the hair to slide off effortlessly leaving a defined curl.
The wand itself is really easy to use – you just wrap a section of hair
around the barrel, hold for approximately 10 seconds and then pull out
the wand holding the section of hair whilst you do so. The general rule
is the smaller the section of hair the tighter the curl. It is that
simple! The electrical lead rotates too, meaning you don’t end up
wrapped up in the 3 metre cable, as well as the heat protective glove
covering the whole of the lower arm so there are no nasty burns. What’s
not to love?

In summary the Yogi Wand:
·       Creates instantly smooth and long lasting curls
·       Has a tourmaline and ceramic infused barrel wand for shiny curls
·       Uses an extra-long swivel cable for ease of use
·       Heats to 160 degrees in seconds for quick styling

I’m really pleased with this wand and the curl lasts all day, with the gentlest spritz of hair spray to keep the curls in place. Even a hair novice like me can master the Yogi! I’ve finally found a product that provides the result I want, in a way that I can easily master.

The wand is available online priced £79.95. 

Written by Keeley Watts


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