Getting Your Feet Sandal Ready

The sunny weather has taken us all by surprise, even more so now that it seems to be sticking around (whoop!) I hate my feet, so as glorious as the weather is for BBQs and Pimms, I still dread looking down at my not-so-splendid sandals. I’m sadly not in a position to be having regular pedicures, so have compiled my top ways to get your feet sandal ready…

Skincare products are never going absorb and work as they should, unless the skin has been properly exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells. I love all Liz Earle products, but their Foot Scrub has an especially gorgeous peppermint scent. I like to use it twice a week, remembering to pay special attention to toes and ankles. When my feet are especially rough, I buff the skin with The Body Shop’s Foot File Spoon before exfoliating too.

Feet suffer a lot of wear and tear and are often neglected in our daily skincare routine – I’m a moisturising nut, but sadly I often forget my feet. Applying a thin layer of a creamy moisturiser helps maintain the skin’s hydration levels; I like to use Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Foot Cream as it contains 10% urea, which is naturally moisturising and helps to fight foot infections during the hot, sticky weather. It’s especially effective doubled up as a cracked heel cream too, helping to combat those sandal tortured tootsies. For an indulgent spa-like treatment, I also apply the cream overnight with M&S Cotton Rich Pedicure Socks. The socks are 98% cotton, so are really comfortable and breathable, plus you’re guaranteed to wake up with super soft, beautiful feet!

I’m very fair and like to embrace the ‘pale is interesting’ theory – however the truth is skin looks healthier and more luminous when it has a subtle glow. I like to use Garnier Skin Naturals Summer Body Moisturising Lotion to give myself a bit of colour; I always apply in a hurry and it gives me the confidence not to ever have to worry about blotchy ankles.

Nail varnish can act as a perfect accessory to outfits – it’s cheap, easy to remove and is the perfect way to experiment with colour and trends. I’m not sure how I would pull off a neon outfit, but love the American Apparel Neon Nail Lacquer currently in store, especially in Coral and Pink. These bright colours enable you to make a statement with your toes, even if you’re wearing a plain black pair of flip flops.

So there you have my six point plan for pedicure worthy feet. The most important thing is to celebrate this gorgeous British summer by showing off your gorgeous new feet in your pretty sandals…. And if you don’t have time for a foot pampering session, remember to invest in a floor sweeping maxi!

Written by Alex Thompson


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