Cocoa Brown’s One Hour Tan Mousse

While I do love fake tan to give my pale skin a bit of colour, they usually take at least 6 hours to develop: meaning a rigmarole of applying in the evening and waiting until dry, then stepping out of orange stained pyjamas in the morning and rinsing off a ghastly guide colour. The answer to long and arduous tanning routines appears to come in the shape of Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse, which promises beautifully bronzed radiant skin in just one hour, cutting down the usual waiting and developing time significantly.

Presented in a bright pink 130ml bottle, the mousse is dispensed by aerosol which makes it easy to attain as much product as you need for large regions (like the leg) in one, go rather than having to re-pump several times. As well as instructions on applying the tan, the bottle also offers helpful tips to tan virgins and frequent users alike, such as applying polish to nails to prevent staining, and running petroleum jelly through brows and over under eye circles to avoid darkening the areas. The lightweight mousse dries quickly on the skin, even in hot weather, so quick blending is key to avoid streaks and, similarly to most tan formulas I’ve tried, I find using a mitt on each hand to be the most efficient way to spread and blend.

The One Hour Tan’s guide colour is a light golden shade that I’d be happy to wear out of the house, and the Tahitian Gardinia scent reminds me faintly of shaving foam, but there are much worse things for a fake tan to smell of. This product contains sensitive skin friendly vegetable derived tanning agents and high-tech tan accelerators that speed up development in contact with the skin, meaning the mousse can be left on for one hour to achieve a bronze look or left for up to three hours for a slightly darker shade. After showering off the guide colour for the first time I was slightly concerned with the light colour I’d been left with, but the tan continues to develop after rinsing so you can get dressed and continue getting ready knowing that your final shade is still on its way.

More a few days on Brighton Beach than two week in the Bahamas, the One Hour Tan gives a lovely natural looking golden shade even on pale complexions and provides my skin with a healthy glow that many products promise but often fail to deliver. It takes about 5 days to fade fully, showing obvious patchiness only around joints like the inner elbows and backs of the knees, but the ease of use of this tan means a quick midweek scrub and re-application isn’t a chore.

As the Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse features a first-of-a-kind quick developing formula created by Irish beauty expert Marissa Carter, I was expecting a hefty price tag for this product – but at £6.99 for a full size bottle, it’s easily one of the most affordable self tans I’ve tried and is even available in selected Primark stores. If satsuma-esque guide colours and long developing times are getting you down, I’d highly recommend Cocoa Brown’s One Hour Tan Mousse for a bikini-ready golden glow without the lengthy wait.

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse is available for £6.99 from Feel Unique and in Primark stores at London Oxford Street, Lakeside Essex, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Written by Kirsty Paterson

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