NEW: Neutrogena Pore & Shine Skincare

I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t worry about her skin. A common skin complaint for most of us, especially in this unusually warm weather, is shine. There is nothing worse than spending time applying your make up in the morning, to then look in the mirror at lunch time and see it slipping off your skin. There are so many products on the market at the moment claiming to sort out all your skincare woes, ranging from creams containing precious metals to micro beads for better exfoliation. So where do you start deciding which product is best for your skin without spending a small fortune? Neutrogena are a global skin care brand with a difference; they work with dermatologists to make sure their products not only work, but are scientifically proven to help your specific skin problems. Their newest product range is called Visibly Clear Pore and Shine, claiming to help tighten pores and instantly brighten using salicylic acid as well as micro beads to gently buff the skin. There are currently two products in the range including a daily wash and a daily scrub.

 Both of these products have been tested and approved by Dermatologists and come highly recommended in the industry. Two of these advocates are Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting and Development Expert Georgios Stamatas who I spent some time with to talk about the products. When asked about developments and ‘fads’ within the skincare industry, they talked about products claiming to contain precious metals and some even claiming to contain black diamonds from space! It is thought this is a phenomenon that will pass as the products can’t penetrate the skin effectively. On the flipside I also asked about latest developments within the skincare industry that will enhance and change our skincare for the better. Dr Sam Bunting explained that new products are offering better penetration into the skin whilst micro encapsulated beads are offering a slow release effect to keep excess shine on the skin at bay. Prior to chatting with the experts I’d always considered Neutrogena to be a brand for teenagers with acne prone skin. Talking to the experts it would appear that this isn’t the case and this type of product is perfect for other skin types too. I showed them photographs of my skin after cleansing to show how red and inflamed my nose and cheeks get, and the experts recommended I use this product as the salicylic acid will clean deep into my pores and reduce the shine that the redness causes on my skin. I've yet to fully put this to the test, but I'm looking foward to giving the range a go - especially with a fresh opinion of the brand. Are you a fan of Neutrogena skincare? Both products available for £4.49 each from most Supermarkets. Written by Keeley Watts @phat_cupcake


  1. Adrienne
    June 19, 2013 / 8:15 pm

    This looks to be exactly what I'm after! I have a similar problem with redness on my cheeks and around my nose. I will be making sure to pick up one of these on pay day. xAdrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  2. Anonymous
    June 23, 2013 / 9:18 pm

    Great article! Salicylic acid is a versatile and useful ingredient as it has anti-inflammatory and exfoliative properties. Great chatting to you, Keeley!

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