Nail Rock: Rockits Nail Art Kits

The trend for nail art is going nowhere. Everywhere you look there’s a new finish, a new adornment and a new trend to get your head around. Although I’ve never been sold on feathered nails, caviar nails or anything in-between, I can totally get on board with sticking bits and bobs on your nails like it’s 1993. Nail Rock may be more known for their nail transfers and creative stick-on designs, but with these cute little kits they’re channeling their inner Ciate and bringing something new to their very fussy and creative table. Available in four different colour ways, each including unique adornments, these cute kits bring everything together that you may need to create your own bespoke nail art. Each pack includes a nail varnish, a matching furry coating, plus three different types of nail adornments which make the different looks and possible creations infinite.

 With their first dip into the nail varnish market (they’ve only ever produced nail accessories before,) they’ve made a pretty decent polish that applies easily and leaves a strong coat of colour. Although I personally hate the fluffy coatings that seem to be so popular, their version is perfectly wearable. What I do love though are the cute little adornments that you can stick on to your wet nail to create a rocking look; you can even mix and match the colours, effects and accessories from different kits to increase the possibilities and combinations even further. Although the smaller adornments stick easily onto the nail, the giant pearl bow was a big struggle for me – no matter what I did it just kept pinging off. The only addition I would make to each kit would be a little tube of nail glue to ensure everything stays in place as long as you want it to. Regardless, at £10 each these really are quite a bargain; I haven’t seen a kit contain so many pieces for such a little amount (Ciate usually charge more than double for half the contents.) If you’re a nail art fan you really can’t go wrong – you’ll have totally rocking nails quicker than you can say “blingtastic.”

The kits are available exclusively in Topshop stores and via their website, in four combinations (green, blue, purple and red) for £10.00 each.



  1. Eli Doinoff
    June 25, 2013 / 1:54 pm

    These decorations are so unworthy – they fall off in less than an hour unless you keep your hands away from any movement 😀

  2. holly
    June 25, 2013 / 4:43 pm

    these are so pretty especially the pearl bows 🙂

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