LBQ’s Top Three: Nail Must-Haves

I’m a total polish fiend, regularly changing from a nude pink to a flouro yellow within 24hrs. I love to match my nail colour to my outfit, but frequent polish removals not only leave me short of time, but also with nails that have seen better days. After many years of searching, these are the top three nail products I’d never be without – products that help repair, protect and support nails that suffer from daily abuse. With these three investments you’ll have perfect talons in no time at all.

The best nail products

1. Sephora Drying Drops, speed-dry oil (£13.45)
I’ve never been a huge fan of speed-dry top coats or the ‘wonder formulas’ that seem to be endorsed so frequently, but an impulse purchase in a Parisian branch of Sephora brought me this wonderous bottle of drying oil. After applying nail varnish, drip a single drop onto each nail and polish will be touch dry in a matter of seconds. This really helps to set polish if you’re in a rush, especially if you’re applying before bed and want to avoid that creased look you often get from bed sheets. A bottle lasts an age too, so it’s basically an investment.

2. Dr Lewinn’s Renunail, nail strengthener (£17.85)
If you suffer from weak, split or broken nails then this is an absolute life-saving product. Applied as a base coat to nails over the period of a few weeks, it really helps them to grow and look much healthier. I use this frequently and my nails hardly ever split or chip, which is a far cry from the brittle mess they used to be. Although it seems like an expense, the bottle is twice the size of a normal nail polish to allow you to use it every day. Now I would never be without a bottle of this.

3. OPI Start to Finish, base and top coat (£13.95)
The perfect lazy girl’s product, this dual-purpose base and top coat helps polish to apply well and stay put. It features a thicker brush for quick application, as well as a thin enough formula to enable you to build up polish over a number of coats. I hate having to take a whole nail varnish collection away with me, so this also provides the perfect solution for travelling. Its glossy finish also helps polish to remain chip-free for an extra day or so, reducing the need for a polish change.

What are your nail must-haves?


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  1. Emma
    June 17, 2013 / 9:21 pm

    I am a new convert to Seche Vite top coat I love it, makes my nails so glossy!xxx

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