LBQ Brand Focus #5: Miller Harris

Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful assets you have. Fragrance is extremely evocative, instantly bringing back memories of half-forgotten experiences and holidays past. Scent can also be comforting and reassuring, as well as bringing bright and energetic feelings to the surface. Lyn Harris, the founder of Miller Harris, spent five years training at one of the highly prestigious schools of the perfume elite in Paris, followed by over twenty years of working in the industry. It was from this expansive knowledge that her love for ‘natural’ scents was born, which form the foundation of the Miller Harris scents. Whilst respecting tradition, Lyn strives to push the boundaries by creating fragrances that are innovative yet timeless. The distinct style of the products means they’re classic, yet modern – seen in some of the top hotels and restaurants throughout London, it’s no surprise they fit in with both ends of the decor spectrum.

I love browsing for new fragrances and Miller Harris encourages just that when you visit any one of their boutiques. You’re drawn to scents you wouldn’t normally have considered, finding yourself walking out with something completely not ‘you’, but equally totally complementary to your existing fragrance wardrobe. Easily colour coded and with the most helpful members of staff you’ll ever meet, it’s a fun experience finding your signature scent while sipping on a cup of tea. Unlike so many other fragrances, these really don’t go out of style or season – nor does the scent really change after a long period of time. I have the Coeur de Fleur scent (a fragrance that’s nothing like anything else I own,) and I utterly adore its refreshing and uplifting qualities, as well as the warmth it evokes on a sweet summers day. The scents are also available in candles, hand lotions, washes and home fragrances, so I couldn’t recommend an afternoon in one of their boutiques more to discover your perfect combo.

The Miller Harris collection is available online and through their boutique stores in London.


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