LBQ Brand Focus #4: Phyto

A great hair range is really hard to find. So many brands fill their tubes and bottles with so much silicone and SLS that your poor barnet doesn’t know what’s hit it. Phyto are a Parisian specialist hair care brand that aim to bring highly effective products to customers that also demand good quality ingredients and respect for the environment. For over 40 years, Phyto have been working with scientists to fine-tune innovative products with scientifically proven results through clinical testing and patent submissions, drawing inspiration from the heart of the botanical world. They say: “For your hair to be beautiful and healthy, it needs science, but science inspired by nature.” Using over 500 botanical extracts within their products, they prioritise the cultivation of their own plants and focus their research on renewable resources of botanical extracts. They ensure their manufacturing processes are pollution free, their packaging is environmentally friendly and they’re committed to recycling. All this sounds very lovely, but is it at the expense of effective products? Absolutely not.

Phyto haircare

Their products are a pleasure to use and offer targeted solutions, as well as results that are really visible. Although they may not be particualrly pretty to look at, as well as some of their names and uses being a bit confusing, this is one of the best overall hair brands I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Their shampoos are light without lacking in lather, their conditioners really do leave hair feeling smooth, while their styling products help tame frizzy messes and replenish lost volume. Some of my favourtie products include the Clarifying Detox Shampoo (which is great for getting rid of build-up, especially after a festival or holiday, while smelling minty fresh,) the Botanical Straightening Balm (which is the only product that really helps my frizzy, wavy mess to turn into a sleek and shiny look I can be proud of,) and the Deep Nourishing Brilliance Mask (which is great for adding moisture to dry, brittle hair and revitalising tired-looking hair once a week.)

Phyto also offers a range of products that help with scalp conditions, thinning hair, dandruff and other deeper problems that a bottle of Head & Shoulders won’t help with – including rebalancing the pH of your scalp to aid healthy hair growth. With ethics, ingredients and targeted products such as theirs, you’d expect Phyto to be charging a small fortune; however, with shampoos starting from around £10.50 and styling products around £14.00, you’re really getting something for not too many pennies. Which is why I love them so much.

Phyto is available in department stores and online.
Find out more on their website:


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  1. beautyqueenuk
    June 20, 2013 / 1:38 pm

    These sound brilliant, I could do with that straightening balm right now for my frizzy, dragged through the hedge backwards mess xx

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