Hersheson’s: The £25 Blow Dry Bar

If you thought a visit to the hairdresser was a lengthy, complex and stressful process, then Hersheson’s are about to turn that preconception on its head. I’ve always loved going to the hairdresser, taking the opportunity for someone else to wash and blow-dry my hair while I sit back and relax, but quite often I just don’t have the time to undertake the indulgence. Hersheson’s offer an amazing service which stops me facing that dilemma – you can get your hair washed, blow-dried and styled to perfection in only 30 minutes, for the simple price of £25.00. There are various styles to choose from, including bouncy curls with lots of volume, sleeker simple looks that are perfect for a celebration, beachy boho waves to send you off to a festival in style, or complex plaited up-dos that will have your friends green with envy.

The simple service takes the stress out of something that gives the
time-poor among us the heeby-jeebies, making a visit to the hairdressers
enjoyable again. I visited the blow-dry bar in Selfridges on Oxford
Street and had my hair plaited, pinned and coiffed; the result was a
really striking style that I would never have been able to create
myself, which lasted for three whole days until I forced myself to take
it out. Not only is the £25.00 blow-dry a life saver for those days when
you’re invited out at the last minute, but it’s great for special
occasions (think how easy it would be to send your bridesmaids down to
Selfridges to all get their hair done at once) and when you need
something with the ‘wow’ factor. There are four different locations in
London (Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Westfield and Topshop,) so there’s
no excuse not to get yourself down there for a fabulous barnet within
the hour.

Find out more on the Hersheson’s website.


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