Foreo Luna: Electrical Skincare Innovations

I remember when times were simpler, when all I had to do was was my face with a flannel and a bit of teenage face wash. Now I’m in my 30’s I need to take a lot more care of my skin; seeing the first signs of ageing and little wrinkles around my eyes was a hard day, so anything I can do to ensure I keep my complexion young and fresh for as long as possible is a must. Foreo are a Swedish brand that have developed an innovative electronic device which claims to revolutionise your skincare routine. This delicate pink hand-held device emits vibrations which aid the cleansing and exfoliation process, while stimulating the blood vessels beneath the skin; the objective is to reveal the healthy cells beneath the surface, as well as stimulating the circulation to leave skin looking and feeling brighter. It’s really easy to use – you simply press the middle button to turn it on, pressing it again to increase or decrease the speed of vibrations, and use with a cleanser in circular motions on the skin. You can use this dry if you wish, but I found it much more effective and efficient to use as part of my cleansing routine: the cleanser can be manipulated easily and the vibrations help to lift dirt and grease from the skin, making it easier to wash it all away.

The tiny nodules on the top of the Foreo Luna are soft and non-abrasive, helping to get deep into the skin’s creases without feeling like you’re actually exfoliating. You only need to use this for two minutes in the morning and evening to see (and feel) the results, making it a convenient product to just slip into your routine – rather than having to establish a completely new one! After using this for a week I could already feel and see the difference, my complexion appearing much smoother and feeling plumper; it almost felt like I’d just had a mini facial. I fully embrace anything that will benefit me with little effort, so the Foreo device is perfectly matched to me for that very reason. Having tried clunkier versions and vibrating brushes that feel like they’re scrubbing away three layers of skin, I have to admit this is in a completely different league. It’s been a pleasure to use, takes only an hour to charge (no batteries required,) leaves skin feeling fresh and slips perfectly into the bathroom cabinet. The only drawback is that the Foreo Luna is £145 – a whopping price to pay, regardless of the benefits. You could probably get a similar result from regularly exfoliating and using a muslin cloth in circular motions, albeit a harder result to manually achieve. Although I’ve really enjoyed using the Foreo, I couldn’t realistically part with £145 if I had to; here’s hoping the price reduces as this becomes more mainstream and technology advances to allow other brands to catch up. Would you even consider spending £145 on a skincare device?

Find out more about the Foreo Luna range on their website. The system is available in three varieties for different skin types, all costing £145.00 each.



  1. beautyqueenuk
    June 21, 2013 / 5:40 pm

    Oh my I think I need one of these in my life…im totally with you on finding those first lines around the eye, I bought a massive box of thorntons and cried xx

  2. Amelia
    June 23, 2013 / 1:25 pm

    Interesting post but you are right it is a somewhat expensive. Hope that the price will come down in the future.Thanks for the post.

  3. Aerin Downs
    January 29, 2014 / 12:19 pm

    Would love to try this!Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

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