Want to wear your Summer Wardrobe right now?

The shops are full of pastel colours, white dresses and gladiator sandals, but unless we’re the recipients of a heatwave in the next 48 hours we won’t be donning them any time soon. Rather than stocking up on summer clothing and storing it away for that one ray of sunshine in October, why not bite the bullet and wear it today? All you have to do is make sure you accessorise in the right way and you’ve got a wearable outfit for any time of year. Here are my top three tips as to how you can wear your summer wardrobe right now – regardless of what the weatherman tells you.

Toughen up a white dress

1. Toughen it up with texture
Summer clothes tend to come in
linen, cotton and other lighter materials that let air circulate
in hot weather. The problem with these textures is that they look
extremely seasonal; by adding in contrasting and stronger textures such
as leather, metal or perpex, you can instantly counteract the summer feeling and make the outfit feel wearable.
Cotton and leather is my favourite combo as it instantly lifts an
outfit and feels like you’re doing the dirty on summer. If it’s good
enough for Kate Moss…

2. Add dark accessories
is all very well and good, but add a pastel cardigan and some beige
ballet pumps and you’re ready for strawberries at Wimbledon. (Not in a
good way.) There’s nothing worse than feeling like you dressed totally
inappropriately, especially when the heavens open and you’re faced with
arctic temperatures. By adding in darker accessories you can take the
edge off the brightness so that the white dress isn’t the complete focus
of the outfit – the eye has more shades to take in, so the white blends
into the overall look. It’s also less scary to wear first thing in the morning, when you’re not quite sure what the day’s weather will bring.

3. Brighten with a pop of colour
in a brighter colour to an otherwise monocrome palette will help to
bring the whole look together, especially in the form of a statement
necklace and oversized scarf. Try shades such as blue, green or yellow
that sit mid-way in the colour spectrum and don’t overpower the rest of
the outfit. Avoid reds, pinks or purples as it will look too tropical
against the purity of the dress – save them for when the sunshine really
hits and you’re sipping on a cocktail by the beach.

What are your top tips for wearing your Summer Wardrobe pre-season? 



  1. Computergirl
    May 19, 2013 / 11:51 am

    I'm so fed up of cold weather. I swear I meant to live in the Med or LA..

  2. Amelia
    May 19, 2013 / 5:14 pm

    I was also fed up with the bad weather in the Netherlands and I moved to the Provence in France. One of my favorite choices is adding a jeans jacket and for instance a metal necklace. Leather is also something I like to add but mostly in other colors that black..

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