Suncream with Added Sand Protection: Boots Soltan

I’ve been preaching about the importance of a good sunscreen for a while now (read my original post here,) so we should all be on the same page and understand how vital it is to get it right. If you’ve got kids though, or are just a big kid yourself, half of the problem is getting the sun cream to stay on while they’re rolling around on the beach building sandcastles. I for one utterly hate that sticky feeling you get from a lot of sunscreens, especially when I get stuck to the sand, seeweed and ingredients of my mojito. It’s not a good look, so the clever people at Boots have launched a ‘sand resistant’ version of their kids sunscreen (but it’s still totally adult-appropriate too!) I tested this out and can confirm that the sticky feeling you usually get is significantly reduced with this cream – it absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth with no residue on the surface. Even when I dipped my arm in a sandpit for research purposes, there were only a few grains of sand stuck to my skin’s surface… Inevitable really as the blighters really do get everywhere. I commend Boots for making skincare simpler to understand, easier to use and affordable enough that there’s no excuse not to slap it on every day – even if you may not be able to see the sun right now.

Available in Boots stores nationwide priced £5.99. Available in 30SPF or 50SPF versions.


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