LBQ Brand Focus #2: ARK Skincare

The world of skincare can be a confusing one. With so many things to choose from, so many considerations and a world of complicated claims, there’s no wonder that the majority of people end up using the completely the wrong products. ARK Skincare are a brand that try to make those decisions as simple as possible, classifying their products into Age Prepare, Age Maintain and Age Repair. Starting as a salon brand that aimed to provide every customer with a luxury experience, but a realistic price point, ARK Skincare was born in 2009 after four years of research and development. The result is a range with simple promises, simple packaging, simple formulas and a simple principle – that you should look after your skin depending upon your skin age, rather than skin type. As we age our skin requires different amounts of support, so the ARK Angels (yes, they’re actually called that) can provide prescriptive advice that will really help you get the most out of the products. The formulas themselves contain the most effective and specialist ingredients in the highest concentrations, ensuring that every product really does provide what you need at the point that you need it. Although I don’t have any exceptional concerns at the moment, it’s great to know I can start investing in a brand that will stay with me (and with my skin) until I’m old and grey. Right now I’m really loving their body moisturiser, as it provides the perfect amount of hydration without any residue on the skin; it absorbs quickly and doesn’t have an intense scent that could potentially irritate sensitive skin types. There are some really handy products in the range too, including the unique Lip Plumping Balm (which acts like a plumping cream,) the Skin Vitality Moisturiser (which has a really handy pump dispenser to reduce wastage,) and the Body Scrub (which contains the perfect sized kernels to exfoliate without irritating.) What’s even better about the brand is that you can host an ARK Skincare party at home, enabling you to really test the products, share your favourites with your friends and make skincare fun again. What a great brand.

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