Kate Moss Announced as the Face and Body of St Tropez Tan

The ultimate icon, Kate Moss, is bringing her unique edge and personality to the first-ever St Tropez global advertising campaign. She’s fronting #OffToStTropez this Summer and can be seen lounging around, embracing her healthy glow and poolside glamour. In the video below you get to hear her chat about her appointment, what she loves about summer and why she loves St Tropez so much: “I’m never naked with St Tropez!” Apparently not Kate, as you appear to be rather starkers in one of the promo shots… 

Kate says: ‘I’m so excited to be working with St.Tropez. I’ve been using the products since they started and it’s a really trustworthy, cool brand. I always feel more confident with a St.Tropez tan!’ Nichola Joss, St.Tropez Global Tanning and Skin-Finishing Expert, advises how to get her look: ‘To achieve Kate’s pool-side bronze for the shoot, the St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse applied with a St.Tropez Applicator Mitt gives a natural-looking, streak-free result with a flawless finish. St.Tropez Powder Bronzer perfects the look with a beautiful contoured effect and enhances the natural shape of Kate’s body.’ What do you think of the shots and the appointment of Kate?



  1. Simply Woman Mag
    May 9, 2013 / 9:28 am

    Not liking Rihanna as in your other post I thought you would have a similar disdain for this dreadful woman and her "skinny" mongering/drug abuse.Without makeup after a hard night partying she looks "hangin'" but these shots show exactly how awesome makeup is.Choosing her just made me loose a little respect for the brand. Once upon a time it was them and Fake Bake – there wasn't much choice but now's there's loads out there I can be picky with the morals of the brand.:-)

  2. London Beauty Queen
    May 9, 2013 / 9:49 am

    A great comment, thank you! I don't really dislike Kate because I think she's a different kind of celebrity and doesn't encourage young girls to copy her. She rarely talks, but when she does I find her quite refreshingly normal. I love the fact she doesn't give a sh*t and goes out on the drink with her mates, most of the time looking a bit trampy… It's refreshing to see someone actually just being who they are and having a good time. At the end of the day she's a model and a clotheshorse who is beautiful in so many ways, but yes… Mostly due to makeup and airbrushing. Rhianna I find irresponsible and offensive because she's cultivating a mass of young and influential fans who know want to copy her. Maybe it's because of Kate's age, her time in the industry and the fact she's a mother? Or maybe it's just because I'm glad they no longer have someone from Made In Chelsea as their ambassador…

  3. Simply Woman Mag
    May 9, 2013 / 10:26 am

    All fair points. I guess she doesn't encourage girls but they worship her anyway – she doesn't seem to care the level of influence she has and doesn't take any responsibility for it. I'm sure she probably doesn't want it – but she's got it nonetheless. She's just not my kinda person I guess – there are hundreds of hard working women with higher morals I'd prefer to see in the limelight – Chemmy (world class British skier) any of the Olympians, Holly Willow-booby…but yes granted – better than anyone from the TOWIE/MIC drivel.:-)

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