If only you could actually buy this: Love Hurts Kit

How many of us have suffered from a broken heart and spent the best part of a week in our PJs, watching The Notebook, scoffing chocolate and feeling like we never want to go outside again? Once you get through it you realise how ridiculous you’ve been, but right there in the moment you think you’ll never recover. This ‘love hurts’ first aid kit is what every girl (and boy) needs in their possession for that heartbreaking moment when you realise your love has been irreparably broken – it includes tissues, a candle, chocolate, vodka, a mixed CD of depressing songs and even a bottle of painkillers adorned with equally downtrodden messages. It’s the brainchild of Melanie Chernock, a designer that desperately needs someone to commission this to help soothe the broken hearts of the British population. I can totally see this being a best-seller in Urban Outfitters, but until then we’ll have to do with watching The Notebook on repeat.


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