Caci facial at the Four Seasons Hotel

As soon as I hit 30 I started to see creases on my face. They’d probably been there all my life, but as soon as I started to tick the ’30 and over’ box, every little line took on new significance. I’ve become increasingly concerned about the state of my skin, taking much longer to apply various creams and serums before bed, as well as booking in regularly for a cleansing facial to keep those deep lines at bay for as long as possible. As you age, your muscles lose their tone – the Caci facial treatment is designed to keep the muscles toned, the skin radiant and help reduce the signs of ageing. The treatment stimulates the circulation of energy to the facial tissue, which in turn increases the rate at which the skin produces collagen and elastin. It’s designed to give gentle exercise to the facial muscles, tightening and firming them to help reduce slackness and restore natural contour. The Caci facial can also improve the reduction of eye bags, soften scar tissue and reduce the size of enlarged pores – luckily all things I don’t currently suffer from, but at least I know it can help prevent them as and when I need! Conducted over a an hour in an extremely swish treatment room, the facial is administered using two metal rods that massage and stimulate the facial muscles. The process is completely painless as the electrical pulses work deeper in the skin than can necessarily be felt, although every so often a slight tingling sensation around the jawline took me by surprise. Extremely relaxing, the Caci treatment almost had me asleep within the first 15 minutes, but after the full hour my face felt fresh, plumped and clear. I could feel an instant lift in my skin and facial muscles, which lasted for around 2 days and helped my skin to glow. It’s recommended that for long-term results a Caci facial is booked for every 6-8 weeks, so that the facial muscles can be continually stimulated and lifted to leave the complexion luminous – although there’s still benefit to having treatments less frequently. I personally enjoyed how non-invasive the procedure was, particularly as it didn’t leave my skin feel like it was covered in goo and exfoliated so much I could feel the skin from by 14th birthday. It provided me with the perfect balance of relaxation, facial stimulus and visual results – made even better by the luxurious surroundings in which is was administered. The Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane is the ultimate in luxury, providing a pampering room to use before and after your treatment which contains everything you need to leave looking perfect again: hair dryers, hair straighteners, beauty products and even your own locker with robe and flip flops. While waiting (or after the treatment,) there’s a heat therapy pool, steam room and sauna to utilise, as well as a relaxing waiting room with tea and nuts on tap. Up on the 10th floor and looking out on London’s skyline could’ve been good enough, but all the little extras made this an experience I want to replicate again and again. No doubt I’ll be booking another Caci facial ASAP just so I can gain the use of that delightful steam room again…

The Caci treatments at The Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, start from £45 a session.
More information on the spa and all treatments available here.


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