Support Autism this April with Stella & Dot Jewellery

The National Autistic Society is a cause very close to my heart. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people and the world around them. It’s a spectrum condition, which means that while all people with Autism share certain areas of difficulty, their condition will affect them in different ways. My sister suffers with Autism, but until her diagnosis at the age of 25 we didn’t even know this was why she suffered so much with interaction and communication. Autism is still much misunderstood and many people go undiagnosed until adulthood, when finally they have the answer to the question they’ve been asking their entire lives. Having a label on something enables one to get help, find support and become at peace; since my sister’s diagnosis she’s much happier, more confident and able to tackle her quirky ticks and mannerisms – because she understands why. The National Autistic Society is a charity that provides support, training and advice for sufferers and their families, something that is a complete godsend for those seeking it. Stella & Dot, a brand I adore already for their fabulously unique and amazing quality jewellery, have launched a collection of items that are raising funds for the Society throughout April. For every item purchased, they’ll donate at least 15% to the charity to help it continue with the amazing work it does; not only can you invest in a quality piece of jewellery you’ll treasure for a long time (and look hot in,) but you’ll be helping the Autistic community in so many ways. The collection includes a cute beaded bracelet (£25), an amazing multi-coloured jewellery wrap (£32) and three statement necklaces that would make brilliant investments for Spring. Please, please, please support Autism this month by making a purchase via my online show here if you can. You’ll look good and feel even better…

Please check out my trunk show here and if you can, purchase an item from the collection. It will really help to make a difference. Find our more about Autism here:



  1. emma
    April 5, 2013 / 11:27 am

    Such a good cause! My sister has aspegers syndrome which is of course on the autistic spectrum. She has real social difficulties and still has to have someone go everywhere with her at the age of 21. Like your sister she wasn't diagnosed til adulthood-she was 18-and these days she finds it easier to deal with being who she is because she knows why she thinks and understands things going on around her in a different way from others. She's very clever but often acts and dresses like someone half her age. She sees the world a lot differently from most of us, everything is black and white with no grey, she takes everything very literally and can't understand sarcasm, and if anything breaks her routine she gets extremely upset-she was in tears a few days ago because my mum forgot to buy the Saturday newspaper so she couldn't do the crossword she does every week. She has always been who she is-my mum noticed she wasn't mixing well with other children at her playgroup and she was bullied throughout her entire school life just for being herself. On top of that, she is epileptic and spent a couple of years having severe seizures that caused her some real injuries before it was controlled with medication. Although she can't work a paid job, she took a college course in animal management and behaviour and now spends her time looking after dogs at our local dogs trust as a volunteer. She gets on so well with animals-probably because they don't judge like people do. It really annoys me that people often don't take the time to understand her when she is a lovely person who just needs to be given a bit of extra consideration x

  2. RuBee
    April 5, 2013 / 3:10 pm

    Ill definitely check this out. My brother has a severe autism. He was diagnosed at 4 and is now 26 but he can only speak a handful if words and needs constant support up do day to day things that we all take for granted. I just wish there was more awareness of the whole autistic spectrum because its such a complicated condition and varies do much from person to person. X

  3. Lauren
    April 6, 2013 / 2:14 pm

    What a lovely brand! They sell some gorgeous funky pieces, I have my eye on the jewellery wrap at the minute. It makes me want to buy something just to help support autismLauren

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