NEW: Avon Speed Dry Nail Varnish

I love painting my nails, taking thirty minutes out to pamper my hands while watching a rubbish television programme. It’s quite a therapeutic process and one which I used to do every other day – until life got so busy I didn’t have time to pee, let alone faff around with nail varnish for the length of an Eastenders episode. Speed is everything to me, as is the ability to go to bed with immaculate nails and wake up with them looking the same (rather than having my bed sheets imprinted on my ruby red varnish.) The only time I ever get to paint my talons is about 10pm, just before I start getting ready for bed, so no need to explain the dilemma I face. When I was sent a box of colour in celebration of Avon’s newest nail launch, I was definitely looking forward to putting it to the test. Speed Dry in 30 seconds you say? Well, we’ll soon find out if you’re telling porkies! I applied the dark griege shade, picking the colour I thought would take the longest to dry and be the easiest to budge. I’m happy to report that both coats I applied did actually dry to the touch within the 30 seconds promised, leaving a strong colour result and flawless finish. Even after sleeping on the varnish, the following morning I had no marks or indentations, just a super glossy nail that was ready to face the day ahead. The reason they dry so quickly is because of the thinness of the formula, so it does wear off and chip quite quickly (within two days,) but as someone who looks for speed over longevity this is a sacrifice I’m willing to make. All of the shades I’ve tested so far live up to expectations; although some last longer than others, chipping is definitely an issue so you will need to re-apply after 2-3 days. The good news is these are usually £6.00 each, but for the time being you can choose any of the 25 shades available for only £2.50 – you’ve got nothing to lose other than beauty sleep!

The Speed Dry 30+ nail varnish is available in 25 shades for £6.00 each. Currently on offer for £2.50


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