De-Cluttering Your Bedroom

When things get tough, when you need a break from the world and to chill out in your own company, your bedroom is the ultimate haven. There’s no better feeling than closing the door, snuggling under the duvet cover and lighting a candle while putting on a DVD boxset. But if your bedroom looks like a set from Britain’s Hoarders, it may not be the relaxing sanctuary you long for. De-cluttering is key, ridding yourself of the junk that’s been collating over the years in favour of a harmonious and clear space that will have your mind as clear as your carpet. Here are some ideas of how to get rid of the tat, find the treasures and reward yourself with a few other treats.

1. Downsize your wardrobe.
Every season I seem to double the amount of stuff in my wardrobe and drawers, never being able to find anything to wear, so continually splashing out on new pieces. When I actually get around to rummaging around inside those cupboards (and looking beyond the top two items) there’s always a treasure trove of things I’d forgotten about. You may actually find 20 new outfits from items you’d folded away, or dresses you bought for a special occasion and never worn. Not only will you get a whole new selection of pieces to play with, but you’ll tidy and sort your cupboards in the meantime so you know where to grab an outfit from before that early meeting. If you have items overflowing that are simply no longer your taste (or are for those skinny days that never seem to happen,) why not clothes swap for something you truly want using a service like Big Wardrobe or going along to a ‘swishing’ party? 

2. Rummage through old treasures. 
Sometimes the smallest and most precious items are the ones that get packed away and forgotten about. I’ve found so many pieces of amazing jewellery in boxes from my 18th and 21st birthdays, as well as vintage pieces from family members, that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Accessorising outfits is the easiest way to update them, the simplest ring or bracelet sometimes being all you need to add the ‘wow’ factor. But if your jewellery box is full of outdated bling that you’ll never wear again, you can sell gold online and re-invest what you make back into some statement necklaces. That chunky gold necklace from 1998 has never looked so appealing.

3. Invest in storage.
If you’ve got nowhere to put your stuff there’s no wonder it ends up in a pile in the corner! Buy yourself boxes, baskets and drawers from stores like Ikea or Muji – they’re super cheap, sturdy and come in various forms and sizes to fit in with your decor. Start to organise your belongings into sections (beauty products, accessories, books, gadgets and so on) and give each type its own storage unit. Not only will this encourage you to put things away when you’ve used them, but it will be so much easier to find them the next day… How much time do you waste trying to find a hair brush each morning? (And how much extra sleep does that equate to?)

Once you’ve de-cluttered and organised yourself and your belongings, why not pop down to Habitat and grab some soft furnishings as final touches. Cushions, candles, photo frames and fun boxes will help to make your room cosy whilst not breaking the bank. What are your tips for de-cluttering your bedroom and making it your very own haven?

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  1. shell
    April 29, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    this is EXACTLY what i need right now! i've been putting off decluttering for like a week because the task seemed so big. this gives me a kick up the bum to get on it 😀 X

  2. Amelia
    April 29, 2013 / 1:46 pm

    Thanks for your post. I like my bedroom as empty as possible with plenty of mirrors. I also like candles and cushions as long as the colors match my taste of that moment :). Anyway we always "need" more space and furniture but at the same time it reduces the final space where you live.

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