Lucinda Ellery: An Introduction to Hair Extensions

I get to meet many inspirational women in the name of research for this site, but rarely do I meet someone that has me almost lost for words. A few weeks ago I went along to a West London clinic to hear all about Lucinda Ellery’s years working with women suffering from hair loss. Like many women in the UK, Lucinda experienced hair loss at a young age as a result of Alopecia Areata; this inspired her to research how she could help other women who suffered from hair loss, through illness or psychological difficulties. Women who have experienced hair loss know the impact it has on their day to day lives, with hair being the most visible form of your femininity and identity. Imagine how horrific it must be to lose that expression of yourself, having no control in getting it back? Lucinda’s passion and dedication has resulted in a proactive approach to managing hair loss, focusing on ultra fine hair extensions (Medi Connections) that are designed to be semi-permanent and work with your existing hair. The extensions not only allow women to have a full head of hair when all other options have been exhausted, but Lucinda helps to combat deep-rooted psychological problems that can cause someone to pull out their own hair. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Lucinda, flicking through her galleries of women she’s helped to see the utter joy on their faces at having a swooshing barnet; she really helps anybody who believes they’re beyond help and aids their release from a burden that’s impacted their daily lives. Although I don’t suffer with hair loss, my hair isn’t as long or thick as I would like it to be (who’s is?) so Lucinda kindly offered to hook me up with some hair extensions. I popped along to her swish salon to meet the team and have my hair swatched, as well as to have a couple of tester extensions put in to ensure they worked with my hair. Three different colours were used and blended together to recreate my bright red shade, with two little extensions being popped on the left side of my scalp to ensure they weren’t going to cause me any problems. I’ve had them in for some time now and I can’t wait to get the whole lot put in this week. I’ll be spending the day in Lucinda’s salon this coming Thursday, so if you have any questions to put to her or the team about hair extensions, hair loss or treatment make sure you tweet me. I’ll be bringing you a full report later on, but until then let me know if you have any hair concerns that Lucinda could potentially help with.

For more info on Lucinda and her salon, check out her website:


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