Collection Cover & Go: Foundation and Concealer Duo

During the morning makeup rush I have brushes flying everywhere, foundation all over my hands and I’m always in the continual ‘concealer hunt’ mode, trying to remember where I left it. Foundation and concealer are like two peas in a pod, so this latest innovation from Collection brings that love affair to life in a convenient duo pack. They’ve launched ‘Cover & Go,’ a foundation in a little tube that also has a hidden concealer and mirror in the cap – no hunting required ever again. I love this idea and think it’s one of the best packaging innovations I’ve seen on the high street for some time, especially from a brand that offers most things for under a fiver. Matching your foundation and concealer is always a challenge too, so at least with a duo you know they’re going to be compatible in terms of shade and texture. The only annoying thing is the fact you can’t swap around shades if you want something slightly lighter/darker – you basically have to put up with what’s been given and approved my Mr Collection. So the packaging is uber handy, but what about the product itself? Well, that leaves a little more to be desired… I like my foundation light, airy and covering without being cakey; this is everything the opposite. The formula is very thick and gloopy (just have a look at how it comes out of the tube below,) making it hard to apply and blend effectively; it sticks to fingers and leaves that slightly sticky feeling on the skin too. I struggled to make this work for me, the formula not really offering me a huge amount of coverage or providing an even skintone, made only worse by the very thin and watery concealer – it didn’t conceal anything I wanted it to, only highlighting my flaws by sitting caked in pores and on blemishes. For someone who’s looking for a flawless base and their makeup to really ‘work’ for them, this isn’t going to be on your shopping list. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a perfect youthful glow, this is probably going to be the best thing since sliced bread – a little bit of colour and a lot of cute packaging goes a hellova way.

Cover & Go is available in six shades and priced £5.99



  1. Gem | Miss Makeup Magpie ♥
    March 28, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    I swatched this instore and thought it was awful 🙁 I quite like their foundations normally, but this seemed to disappear without doing anything. xx

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