Browhaus Resurrection Treatment: Eyebrows Revived!

If you surveyed 100 women about their appearance I’m positive 100 of them would find a flaw. Sometimes we worry about the size of our bum, the ampleness of our boobs, the turn of our nose and even the bingo of our wings, but sometimes it’s the things that aren’t even noticeable to others that concern us. For me, it’s my eyebrows. I’ve never been happy with my brows, having a bizarre shape that’s never been even or full enough to style effectively. For years I tried to pluck them into a decent shape, which only made the problem worse, while attempting to fill in the massive gap on the inner corner of my brows. While at University sitting my finals, due to stress even more hairs fell out leaving me with huge gaps that were completely unmanageable. I resigned myself to having hideous brows and left them be, until I started this blog and became aware of how I could fill them in and use makeup to create the illusion of the perfect shape. For the past three years I’ve been religiously applying pencil, powder, gel and crayon in an attempt to cover up my hugely troublesome brows, wishing there was another solution available. I’d heard about semi-permanent makeup but never had the courage to go for it, until Browhaus got in touch and told me about their Brow Resurrection treatment that lasts up to two years. This signature treatment utilises a patented weaving tool to gently
scratch the skin’s surface in the shape of individual hairs, before
coating the ‘scratches’ with a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye.
Because each stroke is thicker at the root and tapered off at the end,
like natural hair, the effect is believably three-dimensional and completely natural looking. I went in for an initial consultation, discussing what I wanted to achieve and how I like my brows to look; my brows were drawn on with pencil and we touched them up until I was 100% happy with how they were positioned, the thickness and the colour. It was then time to bite the bullet, book an appointment and come back for the treatment a few weeks later.

What I love about Browhaus is how they make you feel totally and utterly at ease, when you’re actually about to ensure a pretty invasive and uncomfortable procedure. Having someone lean over your face and work on your eyebrows for nearly two hours isn’t the normal way I like to spend a Tuesday evening, but I felt so relaxed that I almost drifted off mid-procedure. The application started by re-drawing the brows on with black pencil (to act as a guide – brown isn’t strong enough once the numbing cream is applied,) and my brows being numbed by a gentle anesthetic. After 20min waiting for my brows to go numb, the resurrection treatment began with gentle strokes from the inner brow, working toward the outer area. The first layer of ‘scratching’ was barely noticeable and I’m happy to report that the anesthetic worked pretty damn well! At every stage I was given a mirror to check I was happy with the position and thickness, with all my comments taken on board to ensure I was 100% happy with the result – it very much felt like a collaborative process. Overall there are three layers of application to ensure the dye is embedded into the skin and the result natural looking; by the time I got to layer three my brows were pretty sore and I was looking forward to it all being over! Like a junkie I kept asking for more numbing cream, to which they happily obliged – you don’t have to man up and take the pain, you can very much be a wimp without worrying. After nearly two hours, numerous consultations with another expert in the room (it’s comforting to know that you’re getting a third opinion so your brows are absolute perfection,) my brows were done and I had a huge smile on my face… Finally, the brows of my dreams.

When I first left the salon my face was pretty numb, but the fullness of my brows made up for any discomfort I suffered. I purchased an after care kit, containing a gel and grease to help the colour keep and the brows heal quickly, to soothe and maintain my brows for a week after the procedure. You have to avoid direct sun, saunas, makeup and prolonged water exposure for 3-7 days to help the brows remain at their best, but after that the brows are yours to enjoy! The first couple of days were a bit sore and troublesome as the skin healed and the colour took, but it wasn’t painful at all – just a bit stiff and bruised. Now I’ve had them done for nearly two weeks I’m thoroughly happy with what I’ve had done and have never felt better about my brows; for the first time in my life I don’t have to worry about not applying pencil before opening the door to the postman. I have an appointment to go back for a top-up in a couple of weeks (which is included in the original price) to darken them and make sure the colour is placed well enough to help them last, and I can’t wait to finally not have to worry about that part of my makeup routine. If you suffer from patchy brows or just want to create a fuller look after over-plucking, then I can’t recommend this enough. It’s not cheap, costing £550 for the full consultation, procedure and top-up, but it’s £550 well spent in my book; I can totally see myself going back every two years to have this done again. Beautiful bold brows all round!

Find out more about the treatment on their website. Treatment £550. After-care kit £73.



  1. Pixie's Picks
    March 15, 2013 / 1:44 pm

    they look AMAZING!!!! x

  2. fluff and fripperies
    March 15, 2013 / 5:18 pm

    Your brows look fab Hayley – I'm sure it feels lovely not to have to worry about them every day!

  3. blue october
    March 26, 2013 / 9:17 pm

    I'm so tempted to go for this, as my brows are quite sparse too. They are so important!

  4. PrettyGloss
    March 31, 2013 / 2:07 pm

    My brows are so thick! I wish I could take off some hair! Lol. Hope you're happy with your treatment. XOSarahPrettyGloss – makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  5. Zoe Dubs
    March 31, 2013 / 3:13 pm

    They look great! Really natural!this would save me so much time…Love Zoe

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