The Bodyguard: Makeup by New CID

In recent years, a trend has emerged for taking the musical-to-film route and turning it on its head. Gone are the days when stage musicals such as Grease, Oliver and Les Mis were adored by millions and turned into film, bringing their stories to a new audience with a sense of immortality. Now it’s all about taking well loved movies (Shrek, Legally Blonde, Wizard of Oz) and putting them on the stage, so you can relive the magic and feel part of the action yourself. The latest addition to London’s West End is a film we all know, love and attempt to wail along to: The Bodyguard. Undoubtedly the film and songs Whitney will be forever known for, the stage show brings to life the story we all fell head over heels in love with and adds in a sprinkle of musical magic. Dotted throughout are breathtaking performances by Heather Headley, as well as half of Whitney’s back catalogue to get you on your feet dancing and clapping. It’s more a celebration of great music, with the characters bursting into song at every opportunity, than a theatrical perfomance that will go down in history (the American accents are quite comical,) but I loved it. If you’re a fan of the film, love Ms Houston or simply adore a night out at the theatre, then this is definitely a show for you – I would thoroughly recommend it.

I’m not here to talk about ‘I Will Always Love You’ though – even more exciting than the stage show itself is the collaboration between The Bodyguard and New CID Cosmetics. As New CID Cosmetics are the proud and official make-up sponsors of the musical, they’ve teamed up to create an exclusive limited edition gift set that features three unique eyeshadow creams and two light-up lipglosses, all presented in a luxurious black and gold case. All the shades are unique to the kit and can’t be purchased anywhere else, making it the perfect souvineer or keepsake for anyone that’s a fan of the film (or just likes good slap!) The cream eyeshadows are fantastically smooth and light, feeling very much like mousse when they’re lifted from the pot; the pigment enables you to build up colour and blend shades into one another easily, although the darker pigments have a heavier formula. (The pale shade is light as air, whereas the dark grey is very much weighted down and harder to work into the lid.) Each colour provides a hint of glitter that catches the light, without being OTT, to make eyes literally sparkle; the creams are long-lasting and crease-free too, making them perfect to wear for a night on the town. I really like these and can easily compare them to Benefit Creaseless Cream; although the mousse is much lighter, the result is very similar and just as easy to use. Although I have a lot of love for the eyeshadows, the lipglosses leave a lot to be desired – the colours aren’t my personal preference (a bright pink lipgloss is a bit too 90s for me,) and the brushes feel quite plastic, making the formula a trouble to apply… Especially as you have to ‘break in’ the bristles and mould them apart before you can even use the gloss. (My messy hands weren’t best pleased!) However, the packaging is brilliant and gives a little something extra that’s suitable for any wannabe-diva: a mirror and light for perfect application. This has been done to death, but as New CID were one of the first to launch the gimmick we’ll let them off. Even the names of the products are musical appropriate: the eyeshadows are named Melody, Diva and Spotlight, while the lipglosses are cheekily called Diva and Obsession. This does make a fabulous souvineer or gift, and the products inside are fun to use, so you can’t really quibble at £35.00 for 5 full sized products that would normally set you back over £75.00. The question is now, will you be investing in a kit and giving yourself a Whitney makeover before hot-trotting it down to the Adelphi Theatre this weekend?

The kit is available online, via QVC or in the Adelphi Theatre priced £35.00 (products worth £76.50)



  1. Pampered Prince
    February 6, 2013 / 8:27 pm

    Ok, so I'm a guy and probably shouldn't be into New CID as much as I am, but I am loving their Rio bronzer and the double ended eye concealer thing!!This kit might be a bit far for me though LOL

  2. BeautyRambles
    February 7, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    The pigmentation looks gorgeous for all of the kit! x

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