NEW & Beautiful: Guerlain Cils D`Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara

If I was on a desert island and had to take only one item of makeup with me, it would undoubtedly be a fantastic mascara. A quick brush of black stuff onto your eyelashes can make all the difference to the entire composition of your face, opening eyes, making you look refreshed and enhancing the colour of your iris. Every girl I know is on the constant hunt for the oracle of mascaras, continually looking for something new and innovative in the hope that it will become the holy grail they’ve been looking for. Sometimes though, you have to step away from the ludicrous marketing campaigns and unbelievable performance claims, instead listening to the subtle noise in the background by brands that don’t need to sing and shout – because their product simply does the job it’s supposed to. Guerlain aren’t a brand I’m particularly familiar with, not even really understanding what strings they had to their bow, but when I received a beautiful gold mascara wrapped in delicate pink tissue paper, I took a little intake of breath; this was something special. Never before have I seen such a stunning mascara in my life; chunky yet delicate, brash gold yet subtly sophisticated, simply adorned with the brand’s name and nothing else. I did try to take pictures of the beauty of the pack, but nothing seemed to do it justice, (it had nothing to do with my photography skills, obvs) hence the promotional shot in all its glory below. The Cils D`Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara may look pretty, but did it actually give me the lashes I lust after? It claims to be a ‘Volume Creating Curl Sculpting Mascara’ that provides
maxi lashes in a blink, thanks to its innovative formula that helps
create volume, curl and hold. It does all that and more – the smooth
texture of the product and the size of the brush make it easy to work
with, building up layers to create everything from a subtle ‘doll-eyed’
look, to a striking and powerful ‘full on’ flutter to take you far into
the night. What’s great about this mascara is the way you can really
keep layering without lashes becoming clumped or spidery – you have the
flexiblity to create whatever look you desire in minutes, rather than
having to spend an age combing through layers of product before
attempting to curl or move lashes in the way that you want.  It’s a classic product that could be used by any woman, at any
age, with any kind of lash, knowing that there’s one product in their
makeup bag they can rely on. I may sound like I’m gushing over a little
gold pack of black stuff, but I truly love this mascara and think it now
holds a pretty firm place in my heart. For £22 you could get a lot
worse too, so why not invest in something you know will do the job and
give you pleasure in the process – call it an early Valentines treat to

Guerlain Cils D`Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara RRP £22.00.
Available online or in department stores nationwide.


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