Garnier Moisture Match moisturisers

Did you know that 35% of women in the UK don’t use a facial moisturiser every day, some even claiming to never use one at all? That’s a massive 2.3 million women in our country not looking after their skin properly. According to recent research by Garnier, the reason that most women aren’t using a regular facial moisturiser is because they simply don’t understand what they should be using or how to pick a product suitable for their skin type. It’s a common problem: you go to Boots and the shelves of options have you running for cover and a double-shot latte (because at least you can’t go wrong with coffee.) Garnier are addressing this issue with the launch of Moisture Match, a simple range that features five different products that aim to meet all skincare needs. The introduction of these tailor-made moisturisers ensures that skin doesn’t only benefit from 24hr hydration, but customised active ingredients help to make skin look its best. All five varieties contain an ingredient called Mannose, which helps to boost the moisture levels in the skin by up to 35%, accelerates the production of new skin cells and improves the quality of the epidermal cells (the top layer of skin.) Each variant has its own colour which isn’t only just featured on the pack, but within the actual shade of the moisturiser itself, making it easy to remember which one is right for you. They include Goodbye Dry for very dry skin, Start Afresh for normal to dry skin, Shine Be Gone for combination or oily skin, Wake Me Up for dull skin in need of a boost and Protect & Glow for normal skin that needs a bit of daily SPF protection. It’s extremely refreshing to see there’s actually a difference in texture between each of the products, with the cream becoming thicker as the hydration demands become richer – the ‘normal’ moisturisers are very light, with the dryer solutions being a very rich and thick cream to soothe chapped skin. I have pretty normal requirements when it comes to skincare, so found the richer creams a bit too much for me in the day (but they were great as a hand cream or on feet – don’t say I’m not thrifty!) but the other creams were pretty perfect. My favourite of the lot has to be the Wake Me Up moisturiser, as its unique gel-like texture melts into skin and leaves a beautiful delicate glow on the surface. It’s perfect to chuck on in the morning if you want to go makeup-free, or even if you want to look like you’re glowing when you’re actually hungover to hell. I’m no scientist and I don’t have a microscope to check what these are actually doing to my skin, but they give me what I want and that’s good skin without the greasy flaky residue that makeup won’t sit over. For £5.99 you won’t get much better.


Available now priced £5.99 each.


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  1. Claudia
    February 13, 2013 / 9:42 pm

    I like that they all target specific problems, and colour coded. Not sold on the packaging though, seems a bit lack lustre! The January Girl ♥

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