Edward James Aveda Salon, Clapham

Last weekend I sent a good friend of mine off to have a day of pampering and ‘time out’ from planning her impending wedding. I spend a lot of time in hairdressers getting groomed to perfection (it’s a hard life,) so I often forget how a couple of hours in a retreat can make someone feel a million bucks. It’s nice to be able to treat someone else to a ‘day in the life of LBQ’, so here is Nicki’s account of her trip to the Edward James Aveda salon in Clapham.

The appointment at Edward James was a real treat. Having not been to such a beautiful salon, ever, and being a bit stressed about wedding things, I felt particularly pampered and kick-started my weekend in the perfect way. The day started off with a very soothing head and neck massage (and some tempting pastries) along with some yummy Aveda tea (which turned out to be quite addictive.) Edward seemed very passionate about his work and very knowledgeable
about hair and the products he was working with. He was certainly
convinced of the benefits of Aveda colour and made it sound very
attractive – kinder to your hair, more versatile than other colours, as
well as being better for the environment. I was made to feel very
confident of his skills and that my hair would end up looking fab,
customised to me and my needs. He also put me at ease when we were having the consultation, during which he really
listened to what I wanted rather than telling me what I ought to have.
As my wedding is so soon and I want an ‘up-do’, I told him I was
concerned about the mismatch of colour between the top of my hair and
underneath – so he reassured me he would even this up, freshening up my
existing highlights so they looked natural and a subtle creamy blonde.
Using Aveda colour means it’s not always necessary to have highlights
every time you visit the salon and the colour can be tailored to exactly
what you want – a definite benefit for me. The application of the colour with foils is usually a process I dread, as it’s laborious and uncomfortable – not this time; Edward made me feel so at ease and seemed genuinely interested in my wedding plans, so time flew. (Especially as I was then treated to a hand and arm massage with Aveda lotion which made me feel even more relaxed.) The chairs at the basin with a built-in back massage function were fantastic too; there’s a real attention to detail reflected all over the salon (in the end I didn’t really want to leave!) The end result was exactly what I was after, and the colour was beautiful as promised. Edward blow-dried my hair in a very glamorous way and in a style I wouldn’t normally fashion – there is nothing like having your hair done to make you feel a million dollars. What a great morning I had; my hair felt great, and most importantly looks great, and is definitely what I’d want it to look like for me on my big day. I felt incredibly valued and taken care of as a customer as well, which is exactly what you want (not only as a bride-to-be, but as a woman who takes pride in her appearance) from a trip to the salon. It’s certainly worth indulging in the whole experience and spending that bit more to feel really confident that your hair is being looked after and you’re going to look great – definitely what I needed a few months before my wedding!

Find out more about the salon here, including detail on all the Aveda products used.


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