Welcoming in the new year

When I get old and grey, I’m in no doubt that one of the years I’ll look back on with fondest memories will be 2012. Not only was it a fantastic year to be British, it was a fantastic year to be a Londoner. I had a brilliant time personally and professionally, as well as undertaking huge challenges and putting some issues to rest. I had a little break from blogging over the festive season, mainly because I lost my mojo a little bit, but also because I realised that spending precious time with my family and friends was a lot more important than being glued to my laptop screen. I didn’t even turn on my computer for over a week and it was an absolute dream. This year I’m not making resolutions or attempting to implement huge changes to my life, I’m simply sitting back and taking time to realise what’s important. Somebody told me about a little idea that I’m totally going to do in celebration of this new chapter; I’m going to take a jar and fill it with lots of little notes to myself, including wishes, dreams, things I’d like to happen, and then open it at the end of the year to see what I’ve achieved. As the year progresses I intend to add to the jar, hoping that when I get to open it I’ve got some great stories to put a huge smile on my face. Starting a new year shouldn’t be about promising to achieve the unachieveable, but taking a step back and realising what really makes you happy. I hope you’ll be doing the same thing this January. Happy New Year!


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  1. sarahxo
    January 1, 2013 / 6:00 pm

    I love this jar idea, its such a lovely idea and at the end of the year im sure u will have a lot to smile about 🙂 Happy new year!! xxxhttp://blondie-xo.blogspot.co.uk/

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