The ‘Cold and Flu’ Facial

As a Londoner I spend 50% of my life either with a cold, fighting off a cold or being worried that I’ll pick up another cold on the Underground. Once the chills take hold of one person in your office, the whole lot of you will be caught up in snotty tissues and Soothers in no time at all. To combat the horrendous cold and flu symptoms we’ll all inevitably succomb to at some point, the experts at Michaeljohn Medispa have created the ‘Cold and Flu Facial’. The pampering session is designed specifically to alleviate the aches and pains of the colder months, especially as it involves ginger tea (in your mouth not on your face,) vitamins and steaming of the pores. If you’re feeling pretty shocking, or you just want to help prevent catching that cold that’s flying around the office, then a trip to the spa could be in order. However, if you can’t justify the £85.00 for the treatment here are some tips to recreate the relaxing session in your very own home…

1. Make yourself some ginger tea with slices of fresh lemon and manuka honey which is renowned for its medicinal properties. The ingredients can easily be picked up from the supermarket and popped into hot water, or if you’re lazy then you can get some pre-mixed concoctions from Twinings.

2. Remove all your makeup and impurities using a hot cloth cleanser, gently exfoliating the face with a muslin cloth. Make sure you do this twice to really remove all impurities and get deep down into the skin, followed by a gentle exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells that may be making your complexion dull.

3. Fill your bathroom sink with hot steaming water, adding a few droplets of eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils into the basin. Put a towel over your head and position your face over the steam to open pores and refreshen the skin. These are renowned for their powerful antiseptic, anti-viral and
antibacterial properties, as well as their beneficial effects on the
immune system.

4. When you’re done steaming (make sure you don’t spend any longer than 5mins over that tub or you’ll make yourself fall over!) add a serum and moisturiser to skin. The steam will help to open pores and ensure the benefits are felt deep down, hydrating the face and leaving you looking radiant.

5. Make yourself a cup of nettle tea (you can buy it online – I wouldn’t recommend picking nettles from the garden) or even a cup of peppermint, to boost the body’s resistance against disease and prevent headaches. Lather your feet with a cooling foot cream and pop on some socks to leave them feeling soft as a babies bum, relax and breathe deeply.

Simples. I’m off to pick some nettles from the field down the road, but if you’d like an expert to help you feel top notch this winter, Michaeljohn will be offering this facial at the Medispa during January and February for £85.00.


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