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The best and worst beauty related experience for me is getting my hair cut. I love the pampering and the relaxing ‘me time’ that comes with it (hello head massage,) but the stress of whether or not I will come out looking like Britney (hello dodgy haircut) is sometimes not worth it. When it comes to hairdressing you need to find someone you trust, a salon that listens to you and an environment you feel comfortable enough in to actually read a magazine and switch off from the world. I’m a firm believer too in paying well for a decent haircut – I know so many women that would happily pay £80 for a dress to wear out this Saturday night, but really begrudge paying £80 for a haircut that you wear out every single day. Like a good pair of school shoes, you should make sure you’re investing in something that’s comfortable, practical and workable because there’s nothing worse than leaving the salon chair with a style that hasn’t got a hope in hell of lasting more than 48hrs. A few weeks ago I went along to the Percy & Reed salon on Great Portland Street, central London for a peek around and to have my hair done. I’d met Adam Reed (the salon’s namesake) and heard a lot of great things about the studio, as well as having a collection of the Percy & Reed products at home, but had never even stepped foot in one of their salons before. As soon as I sat down to wait for my appointment slot I was handed a little tray of tea and shortcake (my fave) to pass the time, while I watched my poor stylist struggle with a young girl’s birds nest of a hairdo in the kindest and most patient way possible. (She’d not brushed her hair in months, so you can imagine the painstaking process of trying to detangle it with a smile on his face.) When I eventually sat down in the chair the experience was fab, from the comfy leather chairs in the backwash, to the relaxing head massage, glass of bubbly to enjoy while my hair was chopped and the detailed explanation of the process and products.

My stylist was fabulous, taking the time to ask me questions about my
hair and recommend a course of action – so many hairdressers just get
chopping and don’t pay attention to the practicality of your hair after
you leave them. What I really appreciated though was the lack of lecture
about using hair straighteners; we all do it, we all damage our hair
and we all normally get the telling off, but this time I simply got told

‘you’re looking after it well, I know you won’t stop so I won’t tell you
off’. Wowzer, someone that actually gets it! Everyone in the
salon was absolutely lovely, the environment was classic, comfortable
and relaxing, and I left feeling like a princess. I usually get up from
the hairdressers chair and hate my big bouffant (I’m not a fan of the
blow-dry) but this time I left skipping with a style that suited me, was
subtle enough to just tidy me up and was realistic to achieve myself at
home. Although Percy & Reed aren’t cheap, what you get is most
definitely what you pay for. They’re experienced, professional, caring
and considerate – skills I appreciate much more than a blunt radical do
that they can put in their portfolio. I have a lot of haircuts and visit
a lot of salons, but (as I tweeted afterwards) I really felt like this
was the best experience I’d ever had. If you’re in the market for a new
haircut this January, make sure you consider a trip to Percy &
Reed as a New
Years Resolution.

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  1. BeautyDetective
    April 8, 2013 / 11:16 am

    Great review, the salon looks gorgeous and sounds so nice. Have you been back since? I am thinking of getting my highlights done here next month x

  2. Ashly Rae
    August 19, 2013 / 3:03 pm

    that salon looks amazing!

  3. Anonymous
    June 19, 2014 / 9:46 am

    They reward clients for writing positive reviews. The comments on the internet are not reliable. They almost didn't do anything to my hair and made me pay 11 pounds extra for the conditioner they applied without asking. They made a loooong speech on how to get rewards (discounts, free products…) through writing comments on the internet and sending them the link of the review by email. The person who cut my hair obviously wasn't a pro but a seller, which is not what you expect for a 69 pounds haircut.

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