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When I was a teenager you were either a Clearasil girl, a Clean & Clear girl or an OXY girl. I was lucky enough to not suffer from the teenage breakouts that plagued the majority of my friends, so Clean & Clear was the gentler option that didn’t stink of antiseptic. I always had a perception that OXY basically cleaned skin and reduced spots by burning off the top layer, which wasn’t helped by the hideously bright packaging and stinging sensation it brought to skin. Skip forward fifteen years and it certainly looks, feels and smells different from the blue comic-inspired packs I remember. OXY is now all about ‘natural skin science’, with all of the products containing seaweed extract to target the cause of blemishes and breakouts. They’ve used their 20 years experience in acne solutions to create a new range of products that are alcohol, paraben and SLS free – unless the name was emblazoned on each tube you wouldn’t even match the products, packs and formulas with the brand name that has seen half the population through those difficult spotty teenage years. The new range includes a face wash, pore exfoliant, light moisturising balm, spot gel and a revolutionary ‘Clearlight’ piece of tech to target breakouts in a completely different way. As someone approaching the big 3-0, I wouldn’t have thought I would go near a tube of OXY, but this range is actually a pleasure to use, made even better by the packs that I’m not ashamed to have on display in my bathroom.

The ‘Deep Calm Balm’ is a really light moisturiser that you can use
morning and night without it drying skin or causing rough patches; it’s
oil free and is even suited to my sensitive skin, meaning I can use at
certain points in the month when other moisturisers just seem to bring
me out in massive pimples. The ‘Clear Pore Exfoliant’ is very, very
grainy (it almost feels like you’re washing your face in sugar water)
but leaves skin feeling exceptionally clean, smooth and plumped. It’s definitely one of the best face scrubs I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot! The
‘Emergency Spot Treatment Gel’ is a clear gel solution that can be
applied direct to breakouts to help reduce redness and inflammation,
although this isn’t my favourite product of the range as it still dries
out skin surrounding the spot a little and causes more damage than it
appears to solve. However, the ‘Clearlight’ is a product I wouldn’t have expected from OXY in a million years – it’s an electronic light device that targets spots with a powerful blue light to kill bacteria before a spot fully forms.  This helps to prevent spots from erupting, so can be used on those horrible red painful bumps and it really does work. Dermotologists have used this technology for years, so for OXY to re-package it in an at-home device is really quite exciting. I used this on a few bumps and they reduced or disappeared completely within 24-48hrs. By holding the device over the spot for 3mins, the control is back in your hands and your complexion becomes much clearer. Although this won’t work for everybody (and probably won’t be effective on acne or serious skin conditions,) it’s a really handy gadget for someone like me that gets only a handful of pimples a month. I’m a complete OXY convert now, safe in the knowledge that the range contains no nasty additives and is an affordable and useable solution for anyone suffering from problem skin. Will you be an OXY girl from now on too?

The skincare products are £5.99-£6.99 and the Clearlight retails at £39.99. You can get them altogether in a special deal for £54.95 from the OXY website.


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  1. Lauren
    November 18, 2012 / 6:15 pm

    The products sounds great! Can't wait to try themLauren,^UK GIVEAWAY^xx

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