Herbal Essences 40th Birthday

The shampoo market got a whole lot more colourful when Herbal Essences re-launched in the UK a few years ago. Shampoo hadn’t been so vibrant, fun, extravagant or random before their sickly sweet and floro bottles hit the shelves of Boots. However, did you have any clue whatsoever that the brand was actually 40 years old this year? I didn’t. I’m not entirely sure how this managed to slip under my radar, but Herbal Essences is having a birthday with a bang. As voted for by their fans, their celebration shampoo and conditioner is cleverly called ‘Herbally Ever After’ and comes in these limited edition bottles. The formula is supposed to defend against breakage (and lots more fluffy stuff,) but I just like the fact that these jumbo bottles are designed for a princess. I’m not a huge fan of the product because it’s too heavy/full of silicone and doesn’t tend to my tresses how I’d like, but Herbal Essences certainly has a cult following if it’s been banging around since my mother was wearing bellbottoms.

Available now priced £3.79 each for a 400ml bottle



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    April 20, 2013 / 10:41 pm

    This was really helpful! Thank you!:)

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