Frosties turn 60: They’re Grrrrreat

Frosties were the cereal of choice in my household growing up. My sister may have liked Coco Pops, but for me Frosties were the only thing I picked up from the supermarket shelves when I was allowed to go shopping with mum. Crunchy-sweet-goodness was the only way to start my day and perfect as an after-school snack. When I was at Uni Frosties were pretty much good for breakfast, lunch and dinner too. Tony the Tiger is celebrating 60 years as being the iconic face of the morning munchies this year, and to jazz up his outfit a little designer to the stars, Philip Armstrong, has created him a new neck scarf so he can go to his birthday party all swish and stylish. Philip Armstrong may have designed for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but I’m pretty sure Tony the Tiger will be at the top of his CV after this. The silk-esque purple and red scarf is not only available to buy for a limited time from their ebay shop, but you can also win them in the Kelloggs Facebook page too. If you want to grab a piece of cereal (and fashion) history then act now… Who knows when Tony will have to go skiing or save a small child from the boredom of toast.

The limited edition scarf is £6.99 from here.


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  1. Lela
    November 4, 2012 / 7:34 pm

    Adorable! Frosties were a special snack treat for me (of which I am now craving haha)xo,Lela –

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