Dove Winter Care body lotion

The air is definitely much colder this week. I can’t get away with a big cardigan and a scarf anymore, I’ve had to go the whole hog and get out the thermals, winter boots and long gloves. The one part of your body that seems to get a battering with the wind is your legs; I for one get exceptionally dry pins as soon as it gets a bit colder because the only thing ‘protecting’ them is a pair of 40 denier tights. Moisturising before bed becomes an absolute ritual in the colder months, even more so than normal. Those clever people at Dove have realised that the harsh winter weather puts even more stress on our skin, so have developed a special ‘winter care’ nourishing body lotion and cream that contains even more goodness to help moisturise and protect the skin. It includes their ‘Deep Care Complex’ which apparently does something extra helpful to skin, although what that is I can’t tell you. (I’ve asked, I’ve researched and I can’t help but think it’s a bit of marketing-speil and a pretty design to be honest!) However, this limited edition version of their bestselling range does smell very nice and, as always, feels deeply moisturising on the skin. I’m a big fan of Dove body care, purely because it does what it says while costing the earth. The ‘winter care’ is available in a body lotion or cream, so you can use the lighter or thicker formula as you need (the cream is great for elbows and knees, while the lotion is perfect for legs before putting on tights.) This is another product I’ll be using until I’m squidging the end in a desperate attempt to get out the last blob… Here’s hoping it’ll be back next year. (Maybe with a better explanation of ingredients!)

Available now from Boots priced £3.99 for the lotion and £3.99 for the cream.


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  1. gleepface
    November 30, 2012 / 11:41 am

    I can't help but think that this is just standard moisturiser in pretty packaging… and yet, for some reason, I still want it. Well done, Dove.

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