LBQ does NYC: Day Four

If there’s one place on earth you should see before you die, it’s the Statue of Liberty. Iconic and recognised globally as a symbol of freedom and liberty, the giant copper lady stands over the Hudson River looking out towards Europe, greeting all the boats that come into harbour. You have to get the ferry over to Liberty Island, which involves a long queue and airport-type security, but once you’re on the boat you have perfect views of the bottom of Manhattan and the approaching statue in the distance. As you see her coming into vision it’s really quite breathtaking, especially when you see her in movies and TV shows all the time but don’t quite realise the scale. You can take an audio tour around the island and find out about the construction and original symbolism, as well as more about the people that built her and why she’s turned green. Beware though, if you go in the afternoon they shut everything about 4.30pm and kick you off the island, so make sure you leave enough time to do what you want to – especially if you want to pop over to nearby Ellis Island as the last ferry is at 3.30pm. We completely didn’t know this so missed the whole opportunity, sob. After a long day on boats and walking around statues, it was back to Times Square to take in the bright lights at night time. In the day they’re pretty amazing, but when it’s dark you get a completely different experience – they’re so bright you forget how late it is and can continue shopping until 2am without realising. On a recommendation we headed up to The View, a revolving restaurant 47 floors up overlooking the city. It was amazing. There are no other words; the restaurant does a 360 while you eat and sip on delicious cocktails, giving you a view of everything from the Chrysler Building to the Empire State over dinner. It takes about an hour to do a full circle, so there’s plenty of time to follow the little map-napkins they give you to figure out which building is which. New York has definitely made me feel at home and this was the perfect way to spend my last night in the city.


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  1. Beauty Daze
    October 18, 2012 / 2:14 pm

    The revolving restaurant looks pretty sweet. I have loved these posts, so much great info for when I finally get round to going!Steph xx

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